UKOG ‘Death Throes’ Is The Corpse Being Buried?

Well I never, would you ‘Adam & Eve’ it? The great United Kingdom Oil & Gas (LON: UKOG) is now officially in its ‘Death Throes‘ . Of course you were all warned many, many times not just by ‘Yours Truly‘ but by many, many other ‘Savvy’ commentators on the wholesale ‘fairy tale’ deception that is and soon to be, was the ‘Gatwick Gusher’ that never gushed. Except for the likes of those who were complicit in the massive over promotion.

Come on down David Lenigas, whose whole career is one of massive wholesale lies, deceits and down right corporate fraud, only yesterday Liargas was feverishly STILL tweeting his pearls of wisdom on how super and world-changing UKOG and Angus Energy (LON: ANGS) would be.


Yesterdays RNS had a telling small paragraph hidden at the very end of a CPR ramp. The company is thinking of becoming an ‘Operator’ as opposed to an investing company. That doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. Now that bit of news is significant in the fact that becoming an operator means they get suspended and have to basically apply for re-admission. And re-admission means UKOG have to raise further cash. But the most salient point is being missed. This suspension will coincide with the Horse Hill drill, which means that there’ll be no trading the shares for those daft enough to hold them. There’s a real possibility that UKOG may never come back. The corpse being buried now is the typical end game of the Liargas ‘modus-operandi’.

Once the fat man has rinsed every last drop out then he and his cohorts walk away. Liargas always comes in, massively overpromotes for a couple of years then leaves citing some bullshit excuse such as the company have institutions now wanting to take it to the next level etc  While at the same time, once he’s out, then the plethora of consultancy fees and warrant exercises kick in for him. I’ve studied fatty for quite some time. Usually 3 years after he leaves then it all goes tits up. Of course this allows fatty to put time between him and his over -promotes and have the appearance of  ‘Clean Hands’ where he can stand up and say “I left the company 3 years ago. Nothing to do with me etc. He’s basically got ‘legal cover’ if any of his bullshit UK promotes comes near a UK court. If Liargas was in the USA he would now be in an orange jumpsuit.

Today’s ‘cough’ on a placing is further bad news for the gullible. Adding insult to injury. Hundreds of millions have been raised and ‘rinsed’ yet we still await the oil. So far we’ve had five milk bottles from Broadford Bridge (fiasco) & absolutely ‘jack shit‘ from the Gusher other than a deception of a 7.5 hour IP that they extrapolated to death! Coming up with a few hundred barrels. Where is the oil?

You can fool some people all of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. David Lenigas you are now fully exposed yet again for what you are. Shyster.





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9 Responses

  1. Paul. says:

    Another brilliant expose. You should be on stage. This is laughable. Brilliant.

  2. Mileyguiley says:

    Looking grim now. I feel such a fool. Too think how I swallowed the horse hill lies. Funny thing is when I think about it now, looking back it was glaringly obvious that it was a Leno con

    • Paul. says:

      So what’s fattys next move?

      • Dan Levi says:

        There’s a real chance that if they suspend it could be before the drill : ergo no one in will be able to trade out or in. Then if it’s bad news etc. They’ll struggle to come back. This is a burying of the corpse.

        • Paul. says:

          Post mortem? When?

          • Dan Levi says:

            God knows but if UKOG don’t come back there’s going to be a massive call for a fraud investigation. 50/50 chance that they won’t come back especially if the drill is pants.

          • Paul. says:

            Deathroes? Ukog? Not in but still going!!

  3. Paul. says:

    Ukog death throes up nearly 40%.??

    • Dan Levi says:

      Listen to your Uncle Dan. Todays ramp rns, deliberately designed to push up their sp pre placing and the fact that the death spiral is suspended are why this oiler with no production whatsoever after raising hundreds of millions, rose. There is a very real chance of suspension during the drill etc. It’s a bread n butter company at best. Not worth a tenth of a penny. Manipulated SP backed by traders. Not an investment in any way shape or form. Lot of people have been severley burnt and a lot more will be destroyed on this nonsense of Billions I tell ya Billions etc.