Online Blockchain. Here’s what’s going on & why they’re deliberately ‘Damping Down’ on news-flow…

Let’s try to decipher exactly what’s going on at Online Blockchain Plc (LON: OBC) and quantify what the company do and where their headed as opposed to the screamers & howler monkeys committing hari-kari on £14k worth of trades that at one point had the SP down 20%. It’s abundantly clear that those trading the stock do not understand Cryptocurrency, let alone Blockchain or the liquidity position of a company with circa 8 million shares in issue, 4/5 million of which are tightly held. As for the Market Makers who’re short of stock, I’ll deal with that further down the piece.

If you don’t understand Blockchain/Cryptocurrencies then this stock is not for you. Get out now and trade/invest in the space that you understand, such as the resources or bio/pharms etc You wont make any money trading in a sector or a bubble that you are not ‘savvy’ with, regardless of how ‘cute’ you think you are. Sell up & move on. Now some people did that in the era and we all know what happened to those who sold such ‘God Awful’ companies like Facebook, twitter, Yahoo, Microsoft, Napster, MySpace, Amazon, Google etc. These companies were ALL laughed, scoffed and ridiculed on a daily basis in the heady days of the era. That isn’t to say that OBC are going to be Microsoft. I simply state by implication that the above listed companies swallowed up and bought out hundreds of smaller companies on their journey, one that made them the super global behemoths that most of them now are. Fortunes were made, and lost, by lessor companies and those that invested in them. Read Here

OBC yesterday announced the roll out of a new coin ‘Brazio‘. Now granted the RNS’s from the company have been thin on the ground and granted again, rather bland. In fact one could say that the company are deliberately ‘dumbing down’ their news flow. Now there are reasons for that which I’ll address. It was made very clear to those who went to the Pizza Crypto event that they would not announce negotiations and would only announce ‘Done Deals’. The company have been in talks with the Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX) and a third-party on a potential deal with a Global fashion house (Vivian Westwood). Those negotiations were not RNS’d, if they had been then the SP would have went through the roof. Equally because both sets of talks have now (Stalled) failed to materialise there doesn’t have to be an RNS. That is the ‘rationale’ of the OBC board on their deal-flow. (If you’re looking for pump & dump horse shit of the #Liargas kind then you wont find it here). 

Currently OBC have a myriad of revenue generating streams. The Mining Operation generates between $150-$250 per day. The return on investment (ROI) will take circa 10 months. (Far better than a small oil & gas ROI and much quicker). That operation is currently being expanded. I know this because I’ve seen the delivery of further crypto-mining equipment. Now lets hazard an estimate that it’ll take 2/3 months to install the new equipment because crypto mining brings with it challenges. Apart from the security aspect, there’s the space, ventilation to cool the machines, and the noise. All these operational challenges have to be over-come. As some-one eloquently put it on twitter “It’s like pushing string up a hill”. So in 3 months OBC could be generating in excess of $500 per day. Then there’s their Crypto-currencies each coin generates a plethora of small revenue streams from the various transactions. The bigger the hash-rate the bigger the uptake the more transactions. OBC do not have two crypto-currencies they have four. Two have not been RNS’d. The market cap’ of Plus1 has gone from zero, to at its height $2m/3m. It’s now circa $1m. (Bitcoin didn’t hit $15,000 in a day, a week or even a year. It took time) If all four currencies total $10m, $4m or $50m in market cap then that generates revenues. Business rule 101. Create revenue streams to flesh out your company. The secrecy and fear surrounding listed Blockchain companies, especially one that’s run by people who’ve excellent working relationships with the London Stock Exchange, is the single biggest anchor on this share-price. Fear of pissing off the exchange is holding the SP down.

The company is actively in talks with a myriad of partners on potential deals. There’s a whisper that they are developing an exchange in either Brazil or Argentina. I hear that there’s new Application/s being tested, one is rumoured to have generated $1500 per day. What it is we don’t know. There will be no RNS’s unless there’s a signed dealIt is the first major deal that they announce we await. If you want pump & dump then leave the building. An update on their revenue generating streams would be more than welcome. Will we get it? Faith can’t move mountains. But faith in the integrity of a company can move share-prices. Remember it’s a Blockchain roller-coaster. If you’re trading, it’s where you get on and off that counts.

Likewise Market Makers (MMs) who’re short of the stock and deliberately mark the price down to sucker in the gullible. 11% down on a 3k share offload! To beat an MM you hold your stock because of thus: Online are fully cashed up, debt-free and hold a huge slug of ADVFN shares and are revenue generating with a potential company making deal. More importantly they’re a genuine company run by genuine business entrepreneurs. It’s already hit £1.85p and it will ‘hit’ again and indeed surpass. Time is the key. If you can’t understand the sector then move on.

The Blockchain sector is cut-throat, commercial confidentiality to protect your developments/talks is paramount. Like it or not it’s their strategy.







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13 Responses

  1. Michael ivanson says:

    Dan , that was a very helpful piece to put everything into perspective .

  2. Pete says:

    Maybe you should write their RNS’s. That’s the real crux here.. people get taken in by your writing up and then feel hugely deflated by the total lack of decent news flow. Listen you seem like an honest guy. I am extremely confident your price target of £3 will never be reached due to the lifestyle ceo of this company. I am happy to wager you a 10k bet on this. Are you interested?

    • James T McEvoy says:

      Dude. You haven’t got tuppence to rub together. £10,000? What a silly boy. So you’re going to open a bank account, who in their right mind would put £20,000 into an account and leave it for up to 3yrs on a childish bet from a pissed off shareholder who should’ve sold on a 600% rise?? They’re really are some anon’ goons online these days. Hey Dannyboy, I’ll bet you £100,000 smackers online blockchain reach $4. The only catch is you have to put it into my B/A or one that I set up. There are some real thick c*uts out there. Or is it a full moon?


  3. Pete says:

    To make the bet work let’s put a 3 year limit on it. Both parties submit into a legally binding agreement with funds put into a designated account of total neutrality

  4. RichSmith says:

    This is a real good laugh. Nigerian 419 scam alert from potty Pete.

    Either that or Potty bought my ONL at £1.61.

  5. Pete says:

    James you call me thick and in your comment you quote £100,000 and then put $4. Just to let you know OBC is priced in Sterling not US Dollars

    • James T McEvoy says:

      You are thick. A real thicko. Just when did a bank allow a customer to open a “Neutral Account”. Fantasy. Just one of plenty, where your ill conceived scam falls apart. A legally binding contract? A 3 year wait for the bet {scam}? Bonkers. Richsmith hits the nail on the head. “Nigerian scam”. The big fail is that no one, especially a guy like BMD, would send you £10,000. Suggest you go away & ruminate on your ‘patter’.

      The sting. 🙂 What a stinker of a scam. Nigerians would be embarrassed to send out such 419 emails. lol!

  6. Pete says:

    My offer is a bet (I do not see how this is childish)
    purely based on a belief that the management at OBC do not have the skills to make this company grow so it is valued approx 6 times from where it is now. The logistics of how we do the bet I am totally open to as long as it’s fair to both parties. My belief is if Dan really believes in the management and the share and as he has said has nearly 100k invested in it he will be open to this offer. I have actively followed this share for 9 months and believe Dan’s continual ramping has no relation to what’s actually happening at the company

    • Dan Levi says:

      Are you right in the head? Do you think I am ‘daft’ enough to send you, an anonymous poster, & a hater who is obviously racked with jealousy and envy on those who have invested at lower levels, made good cash gains, as well as still have a major lump of stock, £10,000 to be locked into some crackpot bank account that you set up for 3 fooking years?

      Virtually every one of your posts attacks OBC and me. Which in itself proves you haven’t got a clue on blockchain or this company. Because if you had you would, like plenty of others, have made excellent gains on the thus far incredible rises in SP from 13p. Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither was google, tesla, facebook, twitter or indeed any of the mucho smaller tech companies that got swallowed up in the tech boom etc.

      OBC stand at a circa 300% profit from when I first high-lighted them. Some got in rather quickly, made great money and derisked, others got in and traded, made great money and legged it, others got in via a placing, probably flipped, I got in first, derisked bought more on the dips then derisked then did the same etc. Still hold a large chunk of stock.Very large (even at todays SP) I don’t have any point to prove. I write it as it is. So, if you are a trader who hasn’t been able to trade successfully then Move on. It’s not your bag.

      This constant whinging, whining and defamation posting (some of which I’ve had to block) absolute bolloxs on Chambers being a shyster, lifestyle company, he’s raped the company cash etc, is testament to you being just another bitter troll or jealous trader who’s gutted at my success or thinks he’s missed the boat. As for the shite you post about me that doesn’t concern me. That’s testament to my success and your failure.

      There has been major rises in their SP not once or twice but 4-5 times. And you can’t or wont, acknowledge that? Why? Is there some-thing you’re not declaring? Like who you really are? You’re whole timeline of comments is one of bitter envy.

      Deposit £10,000 in his ‘Neutral’ bank account. FFS!!! What planet are these people on?

      • Mike H says:

        I’ll have a piece of Peres action. Daniel please deposit £10K in my ‘neutral’ account & another £10 g in my pals’ bank account Scouts honor we’ll be in touch in 3 yrs time. . Where do peeps like this come from? The crazies on the internet actually believe that people would fall for this manure.

    • Monte says:

      “All human wisdom is contained in these two words–“Dick Head.”
      Think on that when you’re next tempted to make a bet. Ten thousand pound? If it wasn’t so pathetic I’d be laughing at the castle all week. Hasn’t the giro arrived?

      The Count of Monte Cristo

  7. Chrisy says:

    Online reached 186.5p. Obvious that above chump bought at 185p. Why the “rubber duck” would

    BMD give you tengrand to stickinto some bogus bank account? You should have sold when it was


    Crying like a baby trying to feed your damaged ego. Grow up sonny Jim. Dan has nothing to prove

    and I’m sure he’s not gunna give you £10 thou’ of his Oobc winnings. You’ll just have to wait for

    the next big gap up.

    Dan careful on this numpty.