Free money! The great BMD Give-away!


It’s been a terrible week for the Blog subscribers with our email being swamped with story’s of woe. Some investors are down 10’s of thousands of pounds. Others are struggling to make ends meet! As you know we periodically give away freebies given to the Blog, corporate jollies etc. So we here, (well actually Nick (marketing) who came up with the wheeze!) at the worlds favourite Blog are giving away money. What’s the catch? Nothing absolutely nothing! It’s good to give something back to all the little guys/girls who have helped to make the Blog one of the most controversial sites in the UK! We do things differently here we can do as we please. And it’s great PR!

Yes that’s correct this months Adsense revenue will be given away! To enter the Draw you must be subscribed to the Blog and the Twitter account. Which will be verified. The August Revenue will be divided thus 75% to the first Blog subscriber,  15% to the second and 10% to the third named individuals pulled from the Hat. To enter the Draw you have to agree to your full name with photograph and home address (edited of course) being published on the Blog. The draw will be held on September 1st 2011. By the way last months Adsense revenue was £1023.87p. SO IT’S A VERY DECENT CHUNK OF CHANGE! An Email to the admin confirming Blog and Twitter subscription secures your entry!

It’s the Great BMD MONEY GIVE-AWAY! Dan’s gone mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nick & Dan

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No Responses

  1. Jonny says:

    High five dan! But I am not sure about the possibility of having my name, picture and part of my address being published with some of the nutters you have visiting your site! How many have blamed you for the drop in markets so far, crackpots! I’ll click the ads, let’s build a school, viva!

  2. miopus says:

    Agree with Jonny here Dan – don’t you remember the nutters on NTOG trying to post the CEO’s address on LSE ?

  3. miopus says:

    Why don’t you publish the photos and names and addresses of the Tottenham rioters and looters instead ? You could link your site with Crimewatch.

  4. Joseph says:

    Id put the winnings in the bank . Via lloyds shares obviously ha ha 🙂