Richard Jennings: “The Yorkshire Terminator” Tom Winnifrith Scrooge……

Read this to the end there’s a real twist….

Somehow I managed to get talked into doing the Great Ayton to Saltburn by the Sea leg of the 175K Cleveland Way hike in aid of The Yorkshire Cat Rescue Charity. I was up at 5am and drove the 116 miles to meet up with the newly named: Yorkshire Terminator aka Richard Jennings of Align Research. What a hilarious day I had on Saturday.


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After 5 miles I managed to talk him down off the tops and we headed downwards to The Fox Inn, located in Guisborough. Patrons of the The Fox then had to eat their meals while Mr Jennings sat there in the posh beer garden with both bloodied feet in a wash bowl full of cider vinegar, provided by a relative of mine who (actually lives close by) came to the rescue. I imagine it’s now gone down in ‘Folklore’. We cleaned them up and true to form the Terminator swigged a beer and insisted on carrying on. Complete insanity

I’ve known RJ for a very long time. Had my own battles with him over companies but he’s always kept the door open to me. He’s one of the good guys. The tough, aggressive exterior is his protection against the lying scheming world that he navigates, but really underneath he’s a pussycat with a heart as big as a lion. He’ll be fuming reading this!!! My texts will go off the radar!

Most traders and investors don’t know just how much Richard Jennings has done and continues to do, behind the scenes away from the City of London. He’s personally helped and funded a myriad of causes including life saving operations from South Africa to Lithuania/Albania/Greece. It’s a secret life that’s never been told….. Building and funding housing and water projects, volunteering his time, as well as charity fundraisers for his beloved ‘Cats of Greece’.

Richard Jennings

How he dragged himself over the Cleveland Way in agony and I mean in AGONY! Day upon day with 4 day old supperatting blisters, oozing blood, gunk, and toes swollen, was reminiscent of the Terminator. He refused to give in. Wouldn’t stop. Kept looking back and there he was dragging, himself towards me. Talk about Yorkshire Grit! LOL!!! If you ever met him I guarantee you’d not stop laughing and would walk away feeling a bit guilty. You wouldn’t have to buy the beer either….

There are some mean corporate bastards out there. It’s amusing to see them squirm when approached for a donation. However there’s a few that have donated. What that proves is that they’re still in-touch with the real world and real people such as you and me. But most wouldn’t give you the steam from their piss. 

Well done to Richard Jennings and a big thank you for inviting me to hike with you. It was a pleasure and I will definitely take him up on his invitation to put in 10 days work at the Greek Cat Sanctuary he tirelessly keeps a float.

As a gesture and it’s only a ‘Protest Gesture’ donate £1 (I actually mean one pound) And here’s why. It’s £1 more than Tom Winnifrith…… The mean old bastard….

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2 Responses

  1. Darth says:

    That’s what Winnie is like.

    Full of himself. Cancelled my subscription 6 months ago

  2. Gary says:

    You’ve gone the wrong way getting Tom to donate. He’s a brilliant charity raiser. Woodlarks wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him.