RogueBloggers4Woodlarks Chairty Walk. A Few Shekels More! Enjoy Our Pain!

Image result for woodlarks camp siteAs you all may, or may not, be aware I’ve been ‘press ganged‘ into the roguebloggers4woodlarks charity walk with Tom Winnifrith. We’re attempting to walk 31.7 miles from the drill site of the infamous Horse Hill gusher to the Woodlarks camp-site, in less than one day. The target is 10 hours. Which is almost certainly ‘over enthusiastic’. 

Now it’s not by any means easy, no doubt there’s going to be some pain involved, (not to mention blisters one of which I have from yesterdays 17 mile yomp) some will be hoping for lots of ‘pain’ or we both get lost in the Weald Basin to be left wandering around like the ‘unread’  (Geddit?) for an eternity wailing and moaning. We may even be swallowed up by a kimmeridge clay sink-hole. Regardless of the outcome there’s going to be ‘mucho’ pain for both Tom and myself. But it’s a good cause to suffer for and hopefully shows people that in our own way we do actually care about society and those who life has dealt a shitty hand.

So I’m asking, nay I am beseeching readers/followers who enjoy/like and those who don’t like either of us, to try to throw in a few shekels to help. It will make you feel just that little bit better about yourself and on the day of judgement it’s a Karma gold star. It could mean the differnce between having your soul returned back to earth with a “Must try harder note” or staying in paradise. If you are on a ‘return’ don’t worry so am I!  🙂

The cause we’re trying to raise money for isn’t one of those well-known global charities. It’s a small UK-based, volunteer run, off the radar charity that helps disabled children & adults enjoy the experience of camping. It’s a super cause and one that also provides a rest bite for the parents or carers. Woodlarks Camp Site  UK Charity 306148.

If you can donate, even a £5 note, then remember it goes to Woodlarks charity camp site. This is a fully bona-fide charity raise. Those with any concerns that we may dsappear into the Weald, never to be seen again, to spend £20,000 need not worry, I believe we pass a few Banks on the route so if we have to make a ‘withdrawal’ not BMD style, then it’s debit cards not sawn-offs…

Yesterday I managed 17 miles, today I’m aching from shoulders to toes. Trying to get Tom to realise that this isn’t going to be a ‘cake walk’ is like trying to get him to admit that Jeremy Corbyn is the only hope for this great country we call ‘Britain’. Tom’s diabetic so there’s a chance that should his blood sugar levels drop then so too will he!

I predict we will start to encounter problems at around 17 miles, which is coincidentally when I started to blister and dehydrate yesterday, even though I took 3 litres of water and nourishment. I will not be dragging his skanky arse 15 miles to Woodlarks. If he drops then he stays where he is. Some-where in the wild Weald basin. The same rule goes for ‘yours truly’. It’s not a race but it’s imperative that at least one of us actually makes it back alive otherwise the ignominy of the ‘fail’ will haunt us for the rest of our ‘naturals’.

A big thanks to all who’ve donated so far. I am truly humbled as is ‘Winnie’. There are some good people out there. Special thanks to MarkyMark. You know why!

So this is a call to all those out their Brokers, CEO’s, Directors, BB Morons, Traders, Investors, Trolls, Investor Relations, Nomads, FCA Regs, P&Ders, AIM Team, Online loonerticks, Offline loonerticks, Tories, Corbynistas  Remainers, Journalists, Brexiteers, Anti Trump, Pro Trump and even Stormy Daniels, please donate. It’s good Karma.




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