Aterian Plc Exploration: Who’s The Major? Punt? You decide…..

I’m not as prolific blogging these days, lot of reasons, (been traveling mucho these days) but mainly age, and experience has taught me that the market, from top to bottom, is about as twisted as a helter skelter. Most CEOs, Directors, Market Makers, Brokers, PR outfits, Big hitter traders, run a double game, concealing their agenda. Mammon reigns supreme in the City of London. Arrogance, greed, bare faced lying, fraud, corruption the list goes on. There are some good people amongst the above but they are the exception to the rule. By far the most honest are the small time investors who are just trying to make a few quid….

Most don’t know that I’m currently back and forth to Asia ‘chasing the rainbow’ (on the corporate side.) But that’s another story for another time that will eventually be told….. I digress. Any way onwards and upwards.

It’s not every day that a genuine tiddler in the mining sector pops up that’s actually worth a punt. Most are shite, lifestyle companies run for the benefit of their BOD. One only has to look at the utter disasters that are Redrock, Sunrise and, the God awful Kavango Resources, to name but three. There are literally dozens upon dozens of these corporate shysters ‘mining’ the City of London and gullible UK investors/traders.

It’s all about research and if you do what I do and actually take a deep dive into them you wouldn’t now be sitting on a loss on the 3 bags of shite listed above. My advice to anyone daft enough to have been suckered into these life style companies and any others, is to exit immediately and take a look at

Aterian Exploration: (LON: ATN) And here’s why……

Aterian are fast tracking and advancing their portfolio of African-focused critical and strategic metal assets, in the Republic of Rwanda. So much so that sources indicate that there’s a gargantuan global player in discussions with them looking to partner and, or, buy in to the tune of £10M-£20M into their Rwanda plays. At what stage these discussions are at has been ‘researched’ by ‘yours truly’… So much so that I’ve taken a small punt. News could drop at any time. If and it is an ‘if’, as nothing is certain, that news drops then the SP of Aterian will go ballistic. What is known by this site is that the potential partner could be one of several. It’s known that Majors such as BHP, Rio Tinto, Glencore are entering Rwanda. News of any one of these three big hitters will send the Aterian SP through the proverbial roof. Rwanda is one of the worlds largest producers of Tantalum, Tungsten and Tin. The upside is huge with per tonnage prices in the 100s and 10s of thousands of dollars, dependent on what metal..

“The Company will begin to move its laboratory and upgrading equipment to the new site in Kigali in March and procurement has started for the materials and additional equipment required for substantial trading and export activities. Current pricing is attractive with Ta(2) O(5) prices in Kigali reported at c$220,000 per tonne. Typically concentrates grade 25% Ta(2) O(5) resulting in concentrates valued at c$55,000 per tonne.”

This kind of ‘tie in and buy in’ is worth many multiples of their current SP. 0.80p. The Aterian board are still fresh, clean and uncorrupted. I now a story about the ATN Chairman Charles Bray, of course I can never discuss it, but it’s that tidbit of information, that points to Bray being one of the good guys. Plus he’s got skin in the game. A lot of skin, just under 10%……

The Market Cap’ is buttons. At the current SP it’s a no brainer. I can’t lose. It’s got to be a multiple rise on news. It couldn’t and wouldn’t stay static. Common sense dictates that there’d be a buying frenzy… Surely the Company should now, at the very least, either confirm or deny that negotiations are in play? In-order to get that confirmation I’ve deliberately named 3 of the Majors. 

So there you have it. Take a punt or don’t. You now know as much as me!





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2 Responses

  1. Arc says:

    I can believe it. I bought in early May.

    There’s no PR or IR which is why it flys below the scope of Miners worthy of a look

  2. Pickledtink says:

    I see you’ve been in the Telegram group. We’ve had this over 2months