Bezant Resources. Small Market Cap. Huge Potential here!

Ok in response to hundreds of emails I am reposting the Bezant post. Now after several online broke with etiquette breaching the password protected information I told Investors the reasons why I removed the article one of which you’ll all recall was that the Market Makers would now adjust their strategy to drive the price down. Which they have from 46p to 30p!!! People need to accept and take responsibility online. We are posting information not known to private investors hence why we use the password system to help to give privateers an edge all be it for half an hour or so!

Bezant Resources could very well be close to selling the Mankayan assets which is a world-class gold asset. As I understand it there have been“Interested Parties” hovering around and site visits are rumoured to of or have taken place. Make of it what you will but they are well worth taking a look at as the sp will double on any sale and could treble. There is M+A activity in this sector particularly from China. The sale WILL happen! Watchlist now! It may take 6 months or so but it will go through. That’s what our contacts are telling the Blog.

Take a good look at Bezant resources there are currently rumours circulating of potential  buyers for their Mankayan Project. They are a decent  mining punt with Gold & Copper interests in the Philippines,Argentina and Tanzania. What makes Bezant a decent investment is the fact that they recently completed a placing raising £4.75 million (before expenses) at 50p per share they are now trading at sub 40p and have traded as high as 81p on the back of good news.The Company remains well-funded in respect of the option exercise and initial work programme for its Eureka Project in Argentina, whilst continuing to pursue the potential divestment of its flagship Mankayan Project in the Philippines. Which I might add has some mouth-watering JORC figures;  Maiden Independent JORC Compliant Probable Ore Reserves of 189 million tonnes grading at 0.46% copper and 0.49g/t gold.Total Mineable Inventory Statement of approximately 400 million tonnes of ore grading at 0.38% copper and 0.42g/t of gold, equating to approximately 1.4 million tonnes of copper and 3.9 million ounces of gold. Yes you’ve read that correctly that’s 1.4 million tonnes of copper with 3.9 million ounces of GOLD!

Their share capital is approximately 65million which is very low for a company about to sell a world-class Gold/Copper asset.

Bezant stated in March that; “Preliminary discussions commenced with a number of interested parties in the mining and industrials sectors in respect of a potential disposal of the Mankayan Project

The feeling in the market is that they could easily double on good news re’ the Mankayan sale. There’s also the potential that the company could be taken out of the equation with an outright bid from one of the hungry Chinese multinationals, currently prowling the Global markets gobbling up small miners with world-class assets. Further more it is known that Bezant are now in the process of  organising site visits to Mankayan/Philippines. This is a real pointer as to the potential sale which should see the sp rocket upwards! Check them out and research them it will not happen over-night but as sure as night follows day they will announce a sale in the next 6 months or so, the sp should begin to creep upwards as news begins to leak.

They will rise; target 60p depending on what they announce. Asset sale or takeover. Get them on a watchlist and research them.



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  1. happy says:

    100p sp on sale of Manyakan is pessimistic. The sale should realise £200-£300m.

    There are 65m shares in issue. Do the math. BZT do not have a massive cash burn as they increase the value of their real estate (witness exploratory drilling in Manyakan). If this MO continues they can release most of the proceeds from a Manyakan sale in the form of an extraordinary dividend. The sale could realistically result in a SP equivalent of £2 to £4+ and IMO this is relatively conservative.

  2. Pilesh says:

    Hi Dan,

    You might want to highlight the SP Increase for Sefton Resource on the US Markets.

    Click the link below.