Xcite Energy. News Alerted

Bentley Continental GT Speed Emblem

Big spike forecast!

It is now time for investors to fully focus here.

News alerts have been triggered.

Brokers are rushing around looking into every nook and cranny seeking news here.

The company’s NOMAD has been contacted more times in the last 2 hours than at any other. Clarification from Arbuthnot is sought as to their latest note that is widely rumoured to have been conservatively under-played, ie way under what book value should be. Dr Dougie Youngson will substantially re-rate XCITE over the coming fortnight!

The feeling here is that a big re-rating is underway re’ XCITE.

200p is expected to be breached this week as XCITE continue to trend up on what is widely now thought of as an excellent “very strong buy”

Hold your stock news is beginning to filter out.  XCITE news is leaking out hence the rise.

Expect XCITE to announce Bentley news well before the 60/65 day time frame.

Hold for the news

There is a big spike coming.

Yes you get all the news here first on the world’s favourite Blog!


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No Responses

  1. Mamun says:

    I think this stock is a must, I have personally invested more than £150K. I expect a big result, I do expert the flow rates to be decent. All I have to say is Daniel, put the cowboy boots, because we are going for a ride, this is not delusional tosh.

  2. Stevie says:

    Umm, I wouldn’t get too carried away just yet Dan the update you might be expecting could come in the form “we are having a few hiccups” FYI

    • Biggleswick says:

      Stevie, yes one must always be cautious on expectation but ‘hiccups’ can be fixed and should not – technically – be a barrier for an overall re-rating since they are potentially short term operational technicalities on the way to an almost certain outcome of SOME good sort. How good that is I await with interest.

  3. TraderBoyBow says:

    Dan, wondering if you have any updates for Matra Petroleum (MTA) on the way? up 12% today but must be to early for an update on Well-13?

  4. Ann Chance says:


    obviously as investors we are very excited. You must be very upset not being an investor in them – or have you changed your mind now? i note the words you use for the future of Xcite are almost exactly the same as you have used for Encore historically. Do you have an update on the status for people on that share too?

  5. Peter says:

    Hi Dan

    thanks for your work.

    Have you looked at Caza at all?

    ISA’able and lots of news over the next few weeks.

    Good luck with everything and here’s to an Xel ent Xmas.


  6. bobbyshafto says:

    have you seen the tanker set fair for Bentley Daniel? One suspects the flow rates to be monstrous, keep watching my petal. I’m seeing XEL at £20 early next year, this is the new and next DANA petroleum.