Exclusive! Coro Energy Confirmed; JV Talks on ‘Stranded’ 1.1Trillion Gas Asset! in Balochistan! (BUY)

It was rumoured 2/3 months ago that Coro Energy: (LON: CORO) could be in talks regarding oil/gas plays in Baluchistan, as a matter of fact that was reported in the Urdu Press. For some strange reason investors/traders, because they couldn’t translate it, never quite realised the huge significance.

Having just got back from a 2 week ‘expedition’ to Gilgit Baltistan, Islamabad, KPK and Balochistan, regarding mining opportunities, I made a point of engaging with contacts on the Coro situation, as well as putting some leg work in, organising licence visits to Baluchistan and KPK provinces, and wouldn’t you know it low and behold out pops an article confirming that Coro are indeed in negotiations. https://epaper.brecorder.com/

Sometimes fate can be cruel….. The cost of running around on the Asian continent & Dubai for 2 weeks set me back £7K….

Nevertheless it’s now confirmed. There are many stranded assets in Balochistan, one of the biggest is the Zin gas discovery, Zin was drilled in 1954, located in Balochistan and it’s this, as well as others that Coro are thought to be interested in. It’s owned by the State Major OGDCL. 1 Trillion cubic feet of gas is the equivalent 166 Million barrels of oil. It’s huge. And coincidentally it’s one of the licences I managed to sneak onto…. There are a myriad of O&G seepages throughout these Blocks. This isn’t a question of finding the oil/gas it’s been found. It’s a question of logistics and as our guide said; “if it can be drilled in 1954 it can now be accessed and brought into production in 2023/24, especially now that the CPEC Highway and billions of dollars of infrastructure have been built, post 1954.”

It’s a company maker, which is why Coro have enlisted Naheed Memon in their strategy. She is currently involved in the Government of Pakistan’s Ministry of Energy (Petroleum Division). She plays a proactive role in the development of this sector in Pakistan. Naheed is a significant figure in the Pakistan/Balochistan energy sector. Her resume is impressive…..

Any company that manages to land a 25% interest in a proven 166 million barrels of oil equivalent stranded asset is one that investors should seriously take notice off..

Coro is a buy.




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2 Responses

  1. Smudge says:

    More oil in your photos than most AIM oilers have! LMAO.

    Thanks Dan appreciated

  2. Smudge says:

    More oil in your photos of most AIM oilers LMAO.

    Thanks Dan appreciated