Oilex Update. The feelers are going out!

I’ve put our sources to work here as I think it is very important for holders of Oilex stock not to fall prey to the machinations of  Market makers/fickle day-traders/derampers. The stock should begin to show a rise on Cambay news as sure as night follows day. I’ve set up our RNS alert sources as I believe from what the company epistles have been saying  that news on Cambay is due out late May 2011. News is imminent here!!! Common-sense is needed. I would urge genuine investors/holders to get active re-reading their research notes. The potential of Cambay to transform should not be under-estimated. I will be speaking to the company this afternoon.



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  1. OILBUG says:

    oex i am stilll holding……………


    Have you got your feelers out with RKH ?

    surely some news soon on sea lion apprasial well and then flow test.

    update welcomed…………………………..

  2. JP says:

    Hi Dan

    Off Topic here but what do you know about Emerald Knights -offering a 30% annual return on carbon credits?

    Keep up the good work

    • Brokerman says:

      Stay well away from any kind of carbon credit trading scheme. There’s no protection. Emerald Knights are not FSA regulated. Beware of Knights offering Gifts! Sham and scam written all over it.