Oilex plagued with fickle Investors or Day-Traders?

What an opportunity Oilex now present for the canny investor. I can not believe how fickle some Private Investors are. Oilex have  announced that their 8.4% stake at La Rocca-1 Well, WA-388-P Offshore Western Australia has come up dry. The sp has been falling for the last week or so as insiders got wind of the news. What investors fail to realise is that Western Australia is NOT why you should be invested here. It is CAMBAY and at Cambay the gas is already there! Rig mobilisation has started for Cambay-76H,  Cambay-76H well expected to spud in May 2011,Drilling will be followed by multi stage fracture stimulation and a two month production testing phase. And most important of all the  Completion of Independent Reserves Certification expected in May 2011. Oilex are Debt free! Good news at Cambay could triple or quadruple this sp from where it now sits. There’s nowt as queer as folk!

The company are at present certainly way under fair-value in my opinion and should be trading in excess of 30p and as news begins to filter out on Cambay I’d expect this sp to increase substantially from where it now rests! No institution is selling its private investor/Day-trader lead PI’s shooting themselves in the head!

Research and hold your stock. They will recover soon enough! News on Cambay is imminent.



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  1. Colin Copeland says:

    Good morning, after extensive D/D and insight I have been investing in Mwana Africa (MWA) Their main production and exploration is in Zimbabwe with further exploration licences in DRC, Zambia, Namibia, Botwana and South Africa. They have agreed an off take with Glencore for their Nickel production when Bindura is up an running (in care and maintanance) and are producing 26,000 oz of gold at their Freda Rebecca gold mine, ramping it up to 50,000 oz p/a as from September. A recent placement at 5p was over subscribed to raise $15mio to fund further exploration in DRC gold. I’m a litle perplexed why the market doesn’t get the story. The only issue, which is a major one is that they are based in Zim with issue’s on indiginiation etc. As a follower of the site I was wondering if you could cast a discerning eye over things and report back accordingly. Thanks.

    • Brokerman says:

      Yes I’ve been watching them for quite some time. Usually with these small cap juniors it’s a queston of investor relations coupled with perception. Take Haike Chemical as a study in point. I wrote an article on them some time back eventually they rose over 2/3 months from 29p to 74p they then dropped back to the low 30p’s. Then after liasing with the company trying to get them to understand the value of Investor relations Haike have had members of their Board glad handing through-out the City of London for the last week or so they came over to launch the results and were made to stay on and explain the company in-depth.( The FT wrote a flattering article yesterday) the sp has risen over 40% give or take a few points. It’s perception of a company that can inflate or deflate opinion.


  2. worsleybird says:

    so agree BMD – so people are just plain thick – and dont recognise a bargain when it is staring them in the face !

  3. paragon says:

    I agree about perception,mta are a classic example.just wondering whether you think solg have further to go and what news will boost the sp?seems like a steady flow of positive news has failed to perk things up,is everything priced in now? Apologies for typos,on mobile. Keep up the good work.