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Thats the way to haike... shubaadooba

I’ve been following Haike for the Last year or so and believe it or not I was going to post an article on them yesterday re’ the recent upbeat trading statement. “Calumny!” I hear the nutters shout!

However the recent trading update looks very good for the company and they have risen quite substantially now over the last two days. But they are still way below this years high of 49p.

It’s worth noting that they have traded in excess of 160p back in 2007/8 and it looks and feels like that there is a general sense of optimism regarding the recovering SP. Haike are a petro/biochemical company.

It may be of interest to all the avid China watchers currently gnashing their teeth searching for company’s on the rebound as Haike operate from China and China as we all know are one of the  powerhouses that drive the Global Economy/Recovery.

Haike’s half-yearly report and their trading update make interesting reading and would suggest that the worst of their problems are well and truly “under manners” They are currently up 30% with a crippling spread so caution is the watch-word.

An interesting company to watch-list and research and remember this Blog NEVER tells investors to buy or sell we form an opinion and hope that some can then use that opinion as a pointer to assist them in researching if they so desire.



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  1. xeeshan says:

    Dan what do you think about ASCENT RESOURCES PLCAST

  2. rbarton says:

    Dan—— VRP. RPL 554, Trials looking good !( Asthma)
    1 ) Setting higher dosages.
    2 ) Assessing anti inflammatory effect of drug.

    Potential +++++ (global) ! Rob

  3. Maz P says:

    Hey Dan, is Baltic Oil Terminals still on your watchlist? You flagged it up a couple of months back. Looks like an RNS is on the way to help get the price moving

    “The Board of Baltic expects to announce shortly that it has entered into an agreement for the acquisition of a fully operational fuel oil storage business based outside Russia and the Former Soviet Union. This will add considerable synergies and open up new market opportunities.”


  4. Chris says:

    ALO and CHC


    Just wondering if some comments could be made on these two.

    There seems to alot going on here at the moment and value to be had seeing ALO have just secured 5 new Gold and Uranium Licenses – with some exploratory work carried out already.

    Damien Conboy is worth keeping on eye with fingers in a alot of resource pies – also in the successful spot light recently through Strait Oil.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated