Oilex. Steady as she goes. Upward movement.

I’ve got some much-needed news here. T******k are telling me that as far as they are aware all is on track at Cambay. No major problems are envisaged other than the normal run of the mill drilling tech hiccups.  would not confirm or deny rns this week. My interpretation= news is on the way re’ Cambay. I’ve also had some email replys one from a good friend at Brewin who states thus “******* it’s intraday movement responding to the news @La Rocca-1 Well, Cambay is the moneymaker , buy on weakness  sell on Cambay spud news  that’s our play”. Also spoken to several contacts who are awaiting Cambay news. The general consensus seems to be that it’s an over-reaction by retail punters. So  it’s a self-inflicted fall driven by jumpy traders. Nothing wrong at Oilex.! An infusion of Camomile tea  is what’s needed here for PI’s!

Good luck


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  1. Atul says:

    Spoke to my brokers and their opinion was that they did not like yesterday’s announcement and hence suggested that one should stay clear until further news.