Mayan Energy An Absolute F**king AIM Swindle & Scandal!!!

Some deluded, befuddled investors and traders are currently full of ‘Great Expectations’ on Mayan Energy (AIM: MYN) well let me educate those out there who are running with the hounds on this one, particularly my friend Richard Jennings, a good guy is Ritchie, whose company Align Research have over the last year or so really made a name for themselves as purveyors of honest opinion based on facts. That’s because Align try to ‘Align’ their interests with that of share-holders and usually, in the past have covered some decent listed companies.

I’ve used their research to great effect but sadly I believe their standards are now being lowered by covering companies of let’s say ‘dubious’ history. If you roll around with dogs then you get fleas and I’d urge Align Research to cease coverage on companies that have a history of telling ‘Tom Peppers’.  Now I know why the Dogs of AIM are all rushing to Align Research. It’s because they have a good name as responsible analysts. Ergo the Dogs want their blessing to give them the semblance of respectability and professionalism. Basically so they can shaft investors. Fortunately I can write it as it is and am not enslaved by the corporate world. So you get it as it is. The truth no matter how unpalatable gets told by ‘Yours Truly’.

Lifestyle companies now being covered by Align Research, such as Red Rock Resources (AIM: RRR) run by that well-known Charlatan Andrew ‘Calamity’ Bell, the Dud, PowerHouse Resources (AIM: PHE) and the one I’m currently going to chronologically dissect, Mayan Energy, formerly trading as Northcote Energy and also Everest Energy, are beginning to surface. I changed my name once these fookers have had three….

Now I won’t go into Everest Energy. Other than to say Charlie Woods has been at it from the beginning. I’ll go straight from the Northcote 1st day of dealings run through their ‘Jackanory’ of company changing assets that always end up in the shitter and point out the increase in shares and the many placings. Then we’ll get to grips with the ‘Mayan’ assets, massive share dilution, placings, assets and CONsolidation and the new improved ‘assets’ while stating the fundamental cash position of thrice named Mayan….


Northcote was launched with a $10,000,000 share purchase agreement (SPA) and a £1,000,000 placing. Their asset was The Horizon Project which produced 26.4 boe/d. Northcote had 866,904,578 shares in issue. Within 12 weeks they had placed yet again for £1,500,000, shares now in issue 991,412,716 assets coming in were the OKE Acquisition, the Eagle Option and the Bird Creek Project oil production was circa 48boepd. Yet again within 3-4 weeks they placed again £663,922, shares in issue 1,066,627,375 another asset Matthis. Oil production circa 100boepd. 5 Months down the line they place again £1,750,000, shares in issue 1,150,503,626, another asset South Weslaco.

By the time we get to Feb’ 2014 there’s now 1,238,066,657 shares in issue via options/assets paid for in stock and the initial issue of £1,200,000 zero coupon secured loan notes from vulture financiers Darwin Strategic, the Cleveland asset is renamed Zinc Ranch. 97.6 BOPD and 560.2 MCF/D net to Northcote. We get to 7am on the 12th Feb’ 2015 a loan note conversion is announced £50,000 total loan notes so far £250,000 push the shares in issue to 1,412,731,660, Shoats Creek, MXO deal etc. We then fast forward 1 minute, yes 60 seconds and Northcote RNS a placing for £1,558,000 further ballooning shares in issue to 3,380,021,399. In comes the acquisition of NAP USA. Then the fire sale of assets begins. Now are you getting the picture here? By the 20th of April 2015 the shares in issue stand at 4,748,137,883.

Now again I could go on and on but I suspect I’ll have to fast forward before I kill you with the litany of bullshit placings, stripper well assets and tie ups with such ‘illustrious’ partners as Andalas Energy, MXO, Red Rock Resources and further asset sales, decreasing oil production, placings and cash rinsing that ended up with over ten billion FOOKING shares in issue (10,098,253,604) just before they changed the name to Mayan and started a rinse repeat operation.


The 1st ‘Fast Eddie’ placing and a 400-1 consolidation!!! After fleecing tens of millions of pounds from UK Investors! Losses of circa $20,000,000, liabilities of approx. $3,500,000 with a ‘thumping’ $91k in cash! Doesn’t exactly instil confidence does it guys? ‘Fast Eddie’ parachutes in……

Nevertheless, let’s carry on because believe me it’s a right ‘Carry on’ and it only gets worse! The parachuting in of Eddie Gonzalez or as I call him ‘Fast Eddie!’ on 1st Sept’ 2016. ‘Fast Eddie’, didn’t waste any time getting to grips with the newly named Mayan Energy he quickly placed £550,000 and the shares in issue skied to (I kid you not) 13, 898,253,603 (Thirteen Billion, Eight Hundred and Ninety Eight Million, Two Hundred and Fifty Three Thousand, Six Hundred and Three). Of course, ‘Fast Eddie’ did exactly what the previous failed shysters did and issued himself a shitload of options: 780,000,000 (5.7% of the new improved rinse repeat Mayan) at 0.015 of a new shiny penny.

Within weeks ‘Fast Eddie’ was at the placing bolloxs yet again. This time a placing for £1,250,000. Shares now in issue a staggering 21,144,630,415 (Twenty One Billion, One Hundred and Forty Four Million, Six Hundred and Thirty Thousand, Four Hundred and Fifteen shares…..) I wont bother going into the warrant packages for the other corporate shysters.

But wait I’m not done yet!

‘Fast Eddie’ Not as ‘Fast’ as BMD I see right through you!!!

In March 2017 some 7 months since the new improved CEO took the helm, ‘Fast Eddie’ is at the Placing bollox yet again! This time it’s a 12,000,000,000 (Twelve Billion) £600,000 placing. Shares now in issue 33,144,630,415, (Thirty-Three Billion, One Hundred and Forty Four Million, Six Hundred and Thirty Thousand, Four Hundred and Fifteen). Oil production 20bopd!


30 Days later we get a 400-1 share CONsolidation. The stock clock is reset and ‘Fast Eddie’ is rinse repeat raring to go… 82,861,576 shares now in issue. Read on it’s hilarious. 8 Weeks later ‘Fast Eddie’ places yet again! This time it’s 255,833,333 raising £587,500 shares now in issue 338,694,909 or to put that into old shares 135,477,963,600 (One Hundred and Thirty-Five Billion, Four Hundred and Seventy-Seven Million, Nine Hundred and Sixty Three Thousand, Six Hundred) and again I want bore you with the usual corporate shyster warrant packages or the bullshit nonsense about super dooper assets bought for peanuts….

This just gets better, 10 weeks after the above ‘Fast Eddie’ (I shit you not) places again! This time it’s another 287,000,000 shares raising £861,000 taking the shares in issue to… Wait for it … Wait for it… 604,156,447 or to give you the figure pre-CONsolidation 241,662,578,800 (Two Hundred and Forty-One Billion, Six Hundred and Sixty Two Million, Five Hundred and Seventy Eight Thousand, Eight Hundred) Usual corporate warrants for the corporate rats.

Now the absolute killer here if the above wasn’t enough to scare the living daylights out of you, is this!!! On the 17th November 2017 ‘Fast Eddie’ is at it yet a fooking gain. He raises £2,000,000 via the issue of 432,692,304 Placing, Settlement and Adviser and Deloro Investment Shares with the usual corporate shyster warrants. Mayan’s issued share capital is now back over 1 Billion!!! It’s 1,166,335,931 to put that into the old shares 466,534,372,400 (Four Hundred and Sixty-Six Billion, Five Hundred and Thirty-Four Million, Three Hundred and Seventy Two Thousand, Four Hundred). Give or take the odd share….

So, Dear Align Research you’ll have to forgive me for not being a believer in this POS, your research And ‘Fast Eddie….’ Who as you know, has been covertly operating on twitter via a private twitter group ramping and briefing well-known pump and dumpers in that group, exhorting them to buy/hold the stock while hinting of fantastic news and getting said P&Ders to retweet his tweets and sing the Mayan song to all and sundry.


So, I ask again just where is the cash coming from to progress Asphalt Ridge? Bearing in mind that $1,005,000 has already gone from the November 2017 £2 million placing while Mayans PLC costs and capex for their ‘other’ shite onshore USA assets, such as Zinc Ranch, which the company are actively trying to flog as I type, for a few hundred thousand dollars. Pray do tell me? Let me answer that Vulture Finance/Placing.

I’ll remind investors of the hastily formed Deloro company deal that gives Mayan and ‘Fast Eddie’ access to 8.3% of a potential 49% of Petroteqs’ Ashphalt Ridge, which would be owned by Deloro, not Mayan Energy! Mayans’ 8.3% is subject to the investment of $10,000,000 in staged payments by Deloro to Petroteq. Money Deloro and Mayan simply do not have, that is a fact.

The Asphalt Ridge project is being paid in the form of convertible loan notes, payable as follows: As announced months ago 16th November 2017.

Tranche 1 of US$2.5million due immediately to fund completion of plant upgrades and start-up of initial production;
Tranche 2 of US$3.5million due once plant for more than 30 days is operating at greater than 1,000 bopd, and
Tranche 3 of US$3.95million due on or before by 1 June 2018.

We know that Tranche 1 was paid in November 2017. Deloro, by their own hand, admit that they had $2.900,000 in cash and Mayan shares. $2,500,000 of that cash has gone. It went last year in November. $3,500,000 is now outstanding for Tranche 2. Where is that money coming from? Then there’s Tranche 3 $3,950,000 where is that money coming from? Mayans’ investment if they actually achieve 1,000 bopd and providing they pay all the $10,000,000 is 83 bopd? No it’s 8.3% of Deloros’ 49% which is circa 40bopd. Laughable!


Let me tell you why ‘Fast Eddie’ is ramping to fook on twitter and in private twitter chat groups. He’s trying to keep the Mayan SP up so that Deloro can dump (sell) the stock HE gave them as part of the Asphalt Ridge deal! 64,102,564 shares and to get yet another Placing away in the not too distant future. It’s an orchestrated, corporate, shyster, deliberate case of wholesale market manipulation.

The Mayan CEO Eddie Gonzalez ‘Fast Eddie’ has issued in old shares after only 16 months in the job and countless asset twists and turns Four Hundred and Fifty Five BILLION shares! Placings aplenty and there’s another one being lined up.

Now hopefully you will all understand my rather cynical view of ‘Fast Eddie’ and his Board, who’ve tried to use the good reputation of Align Research to HOODWINK the market! I respect Richard Jennings he’s one of a few good guys out there, but on this take heed: get yourself and your company as far away from this POS as is humanly possible. Otherwise your reputation and credibility will be damaged.

As for ‘Fast Eddie’ and Charlie woods, you’ll remember him he’s been ‘at it’ since day one, I’d expect that the thousands of UK Investors who’ve been rinsed out of tens of millions of pounds would like to ‘metaphorically’ take out, shoot and chop the Mayan board of shysters into Four Hundred and Sixty-Six Billion, Five Hundred and Thirty-Four Million, Three Hundred and Seventy Two Thousand and Four Hundred pieces of the rotten meat they are, then feed them to the fishes……



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8 Responses

  1. Robin Banks says:

    What a load of historic nonsense, you value the company on what it is doing today not four years ago.

    • MonkeyNuts says:

      Tosh! BM clearly shows Ed Gonzalez has worked 16 months and diluted by 2,500% A fool can see it.

    • Dan Levi says:

      Absolute cock. Fast Eddie has been there 16 months and has issued over 450 Billion shares in old money. So your four years ago claim is about as credibile as Donald Trumps “I’m the least racist person” etc. Until people like you stop making it up as you go along then people like Fast Eddie will always getaway with fleecing Mugs like you…


  2. Fester says:

    Wow. I never thought of it like that Dan. I’d now like clarification on where the finance is coming from . The Q1 cash burn will leave Mayn needing more money. They will raise again, in my opinion. Barge pole

  3. DanB says:

    The Only Criminal here is Dan Levi – gods honest truth
    To Fester
    1000 bopd at say $30 profit (as per last RNS is understating it currently)
    Also Mayan isn’t liable for the full $10m,read the RNS, Deloro is liable for the $10m which Mayan is a Shareholder in, after the initial tranche paid, there is still considerable cash within Deloro and it will be income producing come next month

    • Dan Levi says:

      Again what this numpty #MUG Mayan ramper fails to grasp is that MYN have 8.3% of Deloro which equates to 8.3% of DELOR0s’490 barrels of oil if they can come up with the full $10,000,000 and if they can get production of 1,000 bopd…LOL!!! And it doesn’t say Mayan are responsible for $10,000,000!! Slow down wailing and gnashing your teeth this is what it says: Mayans’ 8.3% is subject to the investment of $10,000,000 in staged payments by Deloro to Petroteq. Money Deloro and Mayan simply do not have, that is a fact As for there’s still considerable cash within Deloro you’re telling a pack of lies!!!! Read the RNS!!!! They’ve had to pay $2,500,000 in cash!!!! Deloro had $2,900,000 in cash AND shares!!! Whcih means they’ve got f**k all left. Don’t post on here your bullshit You’re either thick as pig shit or a bare-faced liar…

  4. MikeB says:

    Eddie Gonads ceo of Mayan is a lieing twat, a market abuser giving out inside information in a twit’ group to artifically inflate MYN. He’s issued, as Dan, rightly points out 455BILLION shares. The consolidation trick fools nobody Mr Eddie Gonads.

    Mayan Energy are a swindle, every investor who has been raped by the long list of Cornhills, Cornish’s and the board pre Gonads and present Gonads knows that what Dan’s saying is 100% correct.

    Align research get paid to promote. Levi doesn’t. He’s the guy that’s truly independent. I salute Dan Levi. he pulls no punches, it’s exactly what we investors need. Some one who tells the truth.

  5. Andy Newman says:

    Even if you don’t accept Dans analysis the attached picture is more revealing, would you trust this man? would you buy his exploration shares?