ECO (Atlantic) Oil & Gas. Major Multi Billion Barrel Mega Play Coming On Radar!

Target £1. Major O&G Companies are falling over themselves to get a slice of the pie….

There’s a super O&G opportunity that has so far gone way under the radar in the Retail Investor/Trading world. And I myself must say that I, like you, failed to spot it until I took a call from one of my trusted sources who pointed me in its direction.

Eco (Atlantic) Oil & Gas (LON: ECO) are a tiny oil minnow who came to market in February last year. They are an oil and gas exploration company operating out of  Guyana and Namibia, Eco Guyana holds a 15%-40% working interest with a possible farm in of Total (dependent on option for 25%) alongside Tullow Oil’s 60%, in the 1,800 km2 Orinduik Block in the shallow water of the prospective Suriname Guyana basin. The Orinduik Block is adjacent and updip to the deep-water Liza Field, which has recently came in with a mammoth oil discovery by ExxonMobil and Hess, estimated to contain as much as 2.5 billion barrels of oil equivalent, making it one of a handful of multi billion-barrel discoveries of the last few years. Exxon have made 6 major oil discoveries so far in this basin. Read Here. What’s important here is that some of these major discoveries are within circa 3 miles from the ECO acreage which is why they have Major O&G Companies farming into their licences. Majors are falling over themselves to partner up.

In Namibia it’s the same story with their Cooper Block. Major O&G Companies are now partnered up. The Cooper Block has an 882 Million Barrels (BOE) of Oil (Gross Prospective – Best) resources ‘ticket’. ECO holds interests in four offshore petroleum licences with over 2.3 billion barrels of prospective P50 resources in the Wallis and Lüderitz Basins.  These four licences, Cooper, Guy, Sharon and Tamar are being developed alongside Major O&G Companies. That point is very significant. Majors do not ‘Partner up,’ unless they believe there’s a good Chance Of Success (COS), with small oil minnows. (Which is why no fooker will ever touch UKOG).

The only thing lacking with ECO is their Investor Relations strategy. It is woeful. If they can get their message out then the SP should move upwards. Another pointer here is that Keith Hill has gone on the Board of ECO. Hill is the CEO of Africa Oil who now hold circa 20% of ECO. Should any of these plays come in then the SP of ECO would be in £s rather than pence. I’d expect to see this SP begin to rise throughout 2018 as the story gains traction in the market, a £1 target pre drills is easily achievable bearing in mind that Majors have become involved which basically means that there’s no problems regarding the technical ability to progress each licence to its logical conclusion: The drill bit.

Well worth a punt and a hold. As ever get researching and do your DD! This Company could turn out to be one of the best oil stories of 2018. It has mega multi-bag potential. As well as operating in proven oil Basins with multi billion barrel transformational oil assets. As it comes onto the Retail radar expect an SP heading towards £1. Do not under-estimate the significance of the involvement of Major Oil Companies such as Tullow, Africa Oil, Total etc.






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