The Results are in! Hot off the press! Poll result.

Milne Bay, Papua. c. 1943-08. Air Commodore J....

A TYPICAL voter?

I being the Returning Officer for the online community of the Brokermandaniel ward do hereby declare that the results are as follows;

Yes 21.92%

No 36.86%

Considering it 41.21%

Total number of votes cast 6281.

I do hereby declare that the “Considering it” voters are duly elected as the representative view on the poll question “Will you be Joining the new BMD site?

Many thanks for all that voted.



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No Responses

  1. Danny Roberts says:

    So thats a guaranteed £13k a month (if it’s charged @ £10 a month).
    Thats a lot of hosting costs! 😉

    • Brokerman says:

      I think the advertising revenue should increase which will certainly help to further develope the site once we have built the school inAfrica.


  2. BB says:

    Well they are all considering it depending on the price, I put no in my vote, as the price for my needs are to high, even if it was half the cost, but I could easy have put considering it to.

    I would defiantly do it if it was a lot lower, I enjoy the site, and the info.

  3. ladyboy1 says:

    hi dan interesting dilemma advertising revenue will go down as the subscriber base goes down as charges for the site kick in fewer subscriber’s .i think to have both you would hit the jackpot but good luck with what ever way you go

  4. John Vizer says:

    GLASSES – I used to losemine about once a month – the a nsweris ‘CLIC’ they are held together at the nose bridge by a magnet – you can have your prescription lenses fitted – I’ve worn mine for a year now and n ot lost them yet – I’ve even played a round of golf with them around my neck and never noticed.
    They are (of course) made in CHine – there are inferior copies but they have a website andI imagine many outlets in London.
    Good hunting (oh and the frames are about £60!!!!!

    All th best with newsite, glasses etc


  5. Commandante says:

    I see you have some high flying, high-ranking typical voters – class.

  6. Malcolm says:

    I enjoy the site but the costs are gonna be too high for me.