Shot At Dawn

Shot at Dawn

Well I can tell you that the latest information on Desire Petroleum is shocking! It leaves a bad taste in the mouth one minute they’re telling us all and Leaking the information to the city that they have struck oil now we’re being told that it’s all been a big mistake!

VOLTE-FACE! I can assure you all and only apologise for their behaviour If I had any idea that this company would perform such a Volte-Face I would have got the news out. Never in a million years would I or indeed you their faithful stock-holders expect such a disgraceful turn-around.

I feel bitterly disappointed for the Desire faithful.

The Board should be shot at dawn!


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  1. Gary Latham says:

    please accept my humble appologies Dan, you do have “more oil in your car”.

  2. olik says:

    DES are a shocking company. I can see why they don’t want to admit that all they hit are dusters, but are they allowed to lie or certainly stretch the truth? Yeah there is oil! Erm actually there isn’t much now. Oh yes there is! Ah – maybe not.
    And the price fluctuations on the share are ridiculous. I only got burnt slightly the first time but have been watching the car crash that is DES since.
    This company is TOXIC for want of a better word. Stay in it if you want to have an early heart attack!
    All in my own opinion of course…DYOR…GLA etc 🙂

  3. Eric says:

    Yes, I do apologies for my comments on DES. You are a star…..

    Keep up the good work…

    Thanks DAN the Mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn who knows………..

    bloody DES 50% down

    does not hurt me because I never invested in it….

  4. TJ says:

    With referrence to my original post below, i now take it back – shocker!!

    ‘fifa are the most corrupt bunch going! make the desire board of directors look like saints!!’

  5. Biggleswick says:

    A horrible wiggle out clause for their City mates on Friday while the ordinary PI gets thrown under the bus on Monday. And of course DES will never be investigated. If corruption had a face this would be it.

    Sadly I cannot stand to lose what I have invested in them so just have to hope they rise a bit and then get out. I didn’t have a lot with them anyway, just a few k for shitz n giggles. My money is mostly in XEL and good old Rocky.

  6. Gtrader0 says:

    I guess now would be a good time to climb back on then shrot time ?

    • Brokerman says:

      I take no pleasure in small investors being fleeced by the market I would genuinely love Desire to hit mammoth discoveries of oil. I just think they are too dangerous to invest in at any stage. Their track record speaks volumes.
      The blog has taken much abuse for telling the truth even when we confirmed the oil discovery rumours when every one was calling a duster we were right. But this volte-face really is the lowest of the low. Investors were well aware of the blogs position vis-a-vis Desire, Sterling,Vernalis,pyc,pxs,Millwall holdings etc etc Some times it is extremely difficult to admit a failure. Investors need to tread carefully and always research their stock.
      Good Luck


  7. biggzy says:

    DESASTER Petroleum, held since the early days and lost out, then recovered it back ONLY to now be in the red again by over 50%.

    This is the worst share I have bought, and I will no doubt at all, look to pull out as soon as I break even ( if that ever happens ). My money will be better used elsewhere, but to have bought in in £1.10 and £1.55, its gonna be a long wait.

    Des you are a DESAPOINTMENT. Lost all faith in this one !
    Time to move on.

  8. OILBUG says:


    you brought us the truth

    I stated the fact rachel desire would be a failure, its a bit like NTOG !!!!!!!!!!

  9. kennyb says:

    I don’t and i never have held any of these,and i think DES have acted despicably,but i can’t help but think that after the great roar from Rockhopper when sea lion was announced, and the political sensitivity that this Falkland area is in,that we don’t want to appear to be rubbing the Argies noses in it and the true greatness of any discovery will be played down,but never played down to this extent i’m sure.

  10. Danny says:

    Thanks for the advice the other day Daniel to stay away from this share. I was surprised that you advised me this, but I’m very grateful for your opinion now !
    Again thankyou and all the best Danny.

  11. Maz P says:

    Brokerman, Dec 2, 2010
    “Have been waiting on several contacts getting back to me… these are the same sources who gave the Blog the heads up on the Desire oil strike (confirmed today)”

    …Looks like those sources had dodgy info

    • Brokerman says:

      I hardly think so especially since DESIRE then CONFIRMED the oil strike. It’s not the blog actually drilling in the Falklands it’s Desire Petroleum. They confirmed the oil discovery then shockingly several days later reneged on it. We also confirmed the Desire Dusters and have consistently warned investors to stay away from this company. Any one who follows the blog is well aware of it.
      However we wish for the sake of small investors Desire well but think there are safer investments out there.
      Good Luck


  12. Frankie Busk says:

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