A joint statement from Daniel Levi & Mr Tom Winnifrith. We are Vindicated. Ellerton Fired in Disgrace!

UPDATE May 12th 2015

How times have changed! THE SEFTON 2 are now on a war footing!

A joint statement from Dan Levi & Tom Winnifrith

Sefton: We are Vindicated – Jim Ellerton Fired in Disgrace –

Sefton Resources (SER) has this morning fired its chairman Jim Ellerton from the board. He has been shown to be a liar, a criminal, a man not fit to run a PLC and there will be worse to come for him as the Serious Fraud Office, the US Internal Revenue Service and the Colorado Department of Justice Enquiries get underway. All three have been or will be provided with full dossiers. Ellerton will try to grub whatever cash he can from Sefton but he is toast. Toxic toast.

Sefton sued Daniel Levi (aka Brokerman Dan) and Tom Winnifrith for libel and also reported them to the FSA for market abuse and then accused them of market abuse and libel via an RNS. Sefton also briefed The Daily Telgraph that we were shorting the company for a monetary gain. All was part of their malicious Black propaganda campaign. Sefton is today negotiating with Dan and Tom.

It will be paying their costs in defending this case but also damages for defaming them. The only issue is how much will it be paying.

Those Bulletin Board Morons who thought Sefton would own a pizza joint wake up today to discover that their money (as shareholders in this company) will be heading direct to Clerkenwell’s finest Italian restaurant (where the booze will again be flowing fast all day) and to Brokerman Dan and his excellent website.

Dan Levi & Tom Winnifrith have today made this public statement.

“Jim Ellerton is a liar and a criminal. For 13 years he has used Sefton as a personal ATM and fleeced UK Investors. As they troughed on bloated corporate fees, many in the City establishment have turned a blind eye. Nomads, brokers, PR/IR bimbos, Non Execs. Lawyers and accountants all supped with this Devil, ignoring how investors had lost 99.97% out of their money.

Our profession of journalism emerges little better from this episode. Seduced by blow jobs from PR bimbos and free coke on demand the established financial press has reprinted lie after lie to support this share promotion. ” Mohammad Al Fayed” buying shares said the Daily Mail. Bollocks. The company is profitable said Oilbarrel (for a fee). Bollocks. The financial journalist community wants the freebies, to brown nose PR firms in the hope of a well-paid job in retirement…it should hang its head in shame. When was the last time that the Fleet Street establishment investigated and really took a company apart as we have done?

AIM Regulation was presented with evidence of bare faced fraud months ago and did nothing. It failed to protect investors. Why? What is the point of a regulation department that sees a company issue a blatant lie via an RNS, issue shares within 24 hours of that lie and does fuck all on the back of it?

Jim Ellerton has squandered hundreds of thousands of pounds of Sefton cash to protect his criminality using dirty tricks and uber expensive bully boy City lawyers Pinsent Masons to suppress the truth. Do firms such as Pinsent Masons have any integrity at all or will they act for anyone? The role of Pinsents in bullying ourselves and in Sefton’s dirty tricks campaign (while ignoring its own blatant conflicts of interest – it was also an Officer of Sefton as Company Secretary) is shocking and senior partner Chris Mullen should today be ordering an urgent internal review of its activities, to which we are happy to contribute.


This episode will end up costing shareholders several hundred thousand pounds which they cannot afford. It has cost the company its reputation and the battle with ourselves has left its chairman a disgraced individual now facing the very real threat of criminal action. We are aware of other AIM Companies which are little better than Sefton.

When lies and fraud are discovered, in any company, we will continue to write upon it. We will never back down. Right is might. Our fight will now move on. We suggest that if we unearth concerns in future, it would be better for all associated to address those concerns rather than to attempt to bully us with shareholder money.

We fight hard and to the death and when we pick a fight we pick it to protect UK Investors from lies and fraud. The truth is the winner here.

Press enquiries via tomat49@gmail.com (while sobriety lasts)

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