On-Line Blockchain PLC. Investors ‘Forward Think’…… Major Gains. £3/£4

NB. This article is not for the Oil & Gas or indeed the Mining sector watchers and followers. If you’re reading it thinking of a quick trade then be careful as regardless of how smart you think you are as a trader/investor, you’ll end up pissed off 12 months down the line that you sold. So it’s best that ‘certain types’ stick to what they understand as to what they don’t understand. Get up to speed on the Global Blockchain revolution before investing/trading.


The UK London Stock Exchange is now slowly waking up to Blockchain and that is specifically down to one company. On-Line Blockchain PLC (LON: ONL),  their SP, could be set to hit new heights as the Blockchain (BC) revolution starts to take hold over the coming months and indeed years. Those running the company are on a comm’s blackout and secrecy surrounds exactly what is going on. But some thing is… I’ve had a lot of investors asking more questions on this stock than on any other.  Small Market Cap, debt free, excellent management with business contacts on both sides of the pond as well as a potential lucrative product pipeline roll out with news flow and undoubtedly a new web-site specifically designed to enhance their image in their space.

Last week in London I got a flavour of the terror and excitement currently building a head of steam on the company and any other that may gain a listing. Market Makers are terrified of the stock and know that if or when news hits there’s going to be a frenzy on the stock. The actual official name change is due to be ratified in mid December. That is also worrying some… they can’t control it. Brokers are trying to get up to speed on all things Blockchain. There’s a real buzz that ONL could go on a monumental rise many times their current trading SP. It’s a must that investors/traders alike learn as much as they can on Distributive Ledger Technology (DLT). A technological phenomena that is on the cusp of a boom that will go on for years. When it goes, it is uncontrollable. Those who recall the dot.com boom will know what’s about to happen. Market Makers had to move the bid & ask prices all over the place trying to shake out ONL stock to fill orders last week. Now there’s always going to be the naysayers and the Luddites, but the last time I checked every Luddite/Naysayer who wrongly called the internet boom a “fad” is now using that technology…..

In-order to understand why the SP is almost certainly going on a roller-coaster ride, into £1’s not pence, over the next 12 months then you have to attempt ‘forward thinking’ where the BC market will lead and what applications a BC company may be working on and how those applications could affect the share-price. You don’t need to be a tech’ genius to research information. The previous boom that ONL were involved in can be seen on the chart. The SP went to circa £16. You just need to research…..

For instance if a company are the only London listed Blockchain play with a proven management team who also have developers and programmers working on a plethora of BC applications, then that is a pointer. They are well ahead of all their competitors. If management have a lot of  ‘skin in the game’ that too is a pointer. If the company are debt free, is, at this stage of their development, also good news. Now using ‘forward thinking’ could the company be working on BC applications and how far down their product pipeline are they? Any news via RNS is likely to increase trading in their shares. Will On-Line RNS news? Of course they will. Does that drive their SP up? Almost certainly it will.

Take for instance On-Lines’ recently launched crypto currency PlusOneCoin (+1Coin). Where could that possibly go? My understanding of cryptocoins is that if they start to be traded between holders of the coins then they usually get launched by a Coin Exchange, then accrue some form of value. Will +1Coin end up on a Coin Exchange? That’s a question only time will answer, but if there’s an RNS that it has then that too is going to drive their SP ever higher. What’s interesting to note here is that some cryptogeeks are already trading +1Coin and ADVFN themselves will let you have 2 weeks free Level2 access for +1Coins. So seed value is already beginning to blossom. Now crypto currencies are but the tip of the BC iceberg, what’s beneath the surface is huge.

As a Blockchain company would, or could, On-Line be talking too or be in negotiations with potential customers? Well the logical answer to that is yes. Any news delivered here via an RNS on collaborations, research or Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) has the potential to rocket their SP, likewise any new application launched or an institutional backer takes a slice of the ONL pie. It’s 100% certain that they must be working on Blockchain applications. It’s common-sense forward thinking that will pay dividends here for those who understand the implications and applications of Distributed Ledger Technology (Blockchain). It’s a global all encompassing game-changer. Truly mind-blowing.  Read Here 

The value exchange revolution

“Before blockchain, the only way to establish trust between multiple untrusted parties on the internet was to use a trusted intermediary. Without that trust, someone could potentially spend the same dollar multiple times, sell an asset they didn’t own, or assert that diamonds originate from conflict-free zones.

Blockchain provides a way for multiple, untrusted parties to see the same version of the truth. It does this by creating a distributed ledger (or database) and having transactions validated by consensus among multiple parties. As a result, value can be exchanged and information can be verified without the need for a trusted intermediary.”

At the moment you can get a crypto wallet for +1Coin. Now one wallet doesn’t have much value but if let’s say ADVFN and their 3,000,000 members all had an active crypto wallet then the implications for value creation are gargantuan. There are value spin offs. At the moment those value spin offs for crytpto wallets are valued up to $1,000 per active crypto wallet. Do the math…. +1Coin wallets are being downloaded by the bucket load over at Online’s sister ADVFN.

Before the invention of Alarm Clocks people were employed as ‘Knocker Ups’ they would come ’round and shoot peas at your window to wake you up. A leap in technology killed off ‘Knocker Ups’ but it spawned a whole industry in Alarm Clocks which spawned more spin-offs than I can write. That’s an easy allegory for investors to understand. Business’s such as Banks, Institutions, Governments etc  can remain a ‘Knocker Up’ or get with the new Distributed Ledger Technology and thrive. That’s the way the global economy is going. Most company’s institutions will have to embrace Blockchain to thrive, if they don’t then they die. The revolution is coming from the bottom up but the signs are that those at the top are now reaching down to grab all things and all companies Blockchain.

And there’s no better place to start as a small crypto/tech investor than On-Line Blockchain PLC. It could and probably will hit £10 some where along the line.



‘Crypto’ Dan





CryptoDan holds stock in On-Line Blockchain.

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