On-Line Blockchain PLC. (BNS) Brokerman News Service! I Kid You Not!

Now before I start on my article I need to set you straight. This is not written for the oil & gas community or indeed the mining community. If you are a trader/investor in those sectors then go no further. Depart. (Especially if you are a pump & dumper of low intelligence & even lower morality…). This is not for you. Now if you want to carry on and learn exactly what Blockchain is then you need to click HERE and get busy. Expand your brain and your net cash worth….

This article is written for all those Techy, Crypto’, Blockchain geeks. (People of intelligence) Now if you are a ‘Techy, Crypto’, Blockchain geek’ and wish to learn what a pump & dumper is then click HERE, otherwise you are free to proceed. Please do leave a comment in the comments section.

There’s a Blockchain revolution underway and like all revolutions it starts from the bottom up, not the top down. A small cog in that revolution has begun in earnest at the only United Kingdom London listed Alternative Investment Market (AIM) company. On-Line Blockchain PLC (LON: ONL). Last week, news, which has gone under the investor radar, reached me that the company had released their very own cryptocurrency, PlusOneCoin (+1Coin) there’s obviously a reason why there was no RNS on the launch, it could be that it’s described as ‘experimental’.  But my understanding is that once a cryptocurrency is released, experimental or not, that is it. It is out there. I quickly logged into ADVFN and got myself an Online wallet and started mining for the coins. I currently have 2,000 coins. I believe there’s circa 20,000,000 +1Coins out there some where….. This could be a future significant coin to mine over the coming years or it could not. I remember Bitcoin so I got a wallet, free, which you can do, and bagged me some coins. Click Here to get a wallet and start mining. Any problems then log in to ADVFN and hunt down their BB thread on what to do.

This is the first step in a journey that will see Blockchain applications released by Online over the coming months and years. That’s not a wild guess it’s what the company have already stated; “For many years we have worked as an incubator and investor in internet and information businesses. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are a new and exciting area we have been working on for some time to provide systems to support the roll out of these technologies across a range of applications.”

Now not only did I bag some coins I also bagged a few more shares along the way. The potential here with this company’s share-price should not be under estimated. I base my opinions on the quality of their management, the fundamentals and the Blockchain applications that will almost certainly be rolled out over the future including their crytpocurrency that has just been launched. They are streets ahead of every Blockchain start up. Start ups that are desperately trying to get listed in London. The thermodynamics here are well and truly underway. I first wrote about Online when the SP was 18p. Any one who had took note would be sat on circa 200% profit.

At the moment the share price is 50p and the market capitalisation is a miniscule £4M with only 7,660,000 shares in issue. Trying to compare it to a ‘contemporary’ fully listed UK Blockchain play is impossible. Because there isn’t one. However there is a TSXV Exchange Blockchain play: The BTL Group. They have a market cap’ of $97.7M. Their share price is $ 6.70 dollars, shares in issue are just under 11,000,000. What that should tell you is the potential, going forward, for value accretion at the UK’s only London AIM listed Blockchain company. Phenomenal.

Blockchain is set to revolutionise the world and regardless of the Luddites kicking and screaming it’s happening right now. MIT Technology, NSA, the Bank of England, Goldman Sachs, Japanese banks, Apple, Google and believe it or not The London Stock Exchange, virtually every major company, government and institution on the planet are now zeroing in on Blockchain technology and it’s applications. The Bottom up revolution is connecting with the Top! A Blockchain is a ‘Distributed Ledger’ database that is consensually shared and synchronized across networks spread across multiple sites, institutions or geographies. … Underlying the distributed ledger technology is the Blockchain, which is the technology that underlies Bitcoin.

Of course there are the naysayers, the Luddites, the smashers of the ‘Spinning Jenny’ those that ridiculed and scorned major technological leaps in history, Silicon Valley, Apple, Mobile phones, Google, Talking Movies, Online Social Media, Digital Technology, Airplanes and Bitcoin, even the Internet etc. Each and every one was ridiculed at some stage by the Financial Times, print media and the establishment. History teaches us that every revolution has morons who just don’t get it. Until it’s too late. Then like the dimwits at FT Alphaville the same newspaper that has had to be dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century, they have to embrace it!

To put it in a nut shell: Blockchain is a complete new technology that connects A to C  directly without using B. ‘B’ being the costly fee taking entity. What’s more it is uncrackable, totally secure and not under the control of governments. You can’t defraud a Distributed Ledger because it is replicated every where in the Blockchain. It is a technological leap. A game changer. The economic benefits are immeasurable.

There’s only one game in town at the moment and that’s Online Blockchain PLC. This isn’t about a company that needs hundreds of millions of dollars to go and drill for oil or mine for diamonds. There’s no capital intensive equipment needed. It is ‘out of the box’ intelligence of programmers and developers that come up with the Blockchain App’s. Online/ADVFN have them in spades in their offices in California USA and right in the middle of the city of London!

I’m expecting great things from this company over the next few years and I see nothing to stop the share price. There is no impediment to it! The market capital of the company if it was listed in New York would probably be a minimum of $50,000,000. I fully expect it to get there within months not years. This could hit £4/£5 as they roll out their applications. Every geek and his Crypto Blockchain mate get it, because they are it! God forbid if they end up with an MOU with a large financial institution. It will blast past £10. The global forex market is worth five trillion dollars a day. Any company that can capture one hundredth of one percent with a Blockchain Application would be worth what? And that’s just one instance of the millions of Blockchain opportunities’.

At the time of writing it’s difficult to buy shares because there are so few out there and the Market Makers are scared to death of this stock because like the Blockchain they can’t control it. So just trade in IF you want too. It’s great fun watching this stock go on it’s journey. There’s no need to stick £100,000 because quite frankly it would spook the market. The potential gains on a hundred quid by far out-weighs the risk. Hold until your nerve goes! It’s going to the moon. Now remember this is just my opinion so get up to speed, research and watchlist.






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