Angus Energy Desperately Placing!



There ‘s an attempted bookbuild underway here in the city of London. For those that don’t know what a ‘BookBuild’ is here’s the word that explains it  PLACING! Yes folks the company in question is Angus Energy (LON: ANGS) and they’re currently trying to offload more CONfetti and are as you read this going round with the ‘placing’ begging bowl. That’s because they have no cash left and fook all in oil!

Liargas Sold out & WON’T be buying in the placing!

They’ve attempted to lure in the bucket-shops with 14p 12p shares unfortunately the £3,000,000 placing has not been taken up at those prices.. So we await to see if there’s any one daft enough to give more than 3p 4p for stock that’s worth 3p 4p on a good day. Sub 10p placing looks the most likely outcome.

You can get the popcorn in and watch all those fools, who’re still deluded and still flogging the ‘dead horse’, on the Alternative Investment Market listed piss poor company Angus Energy  (You’ll know who they are) you can read the utter cock on the ‘rampers paradise isle’ of the Liargas HQ, London South East BB. They’re the ‘boyos’ who’ve been caught out telling lots of porkypies to the mug punters on the Lidsey ‘Gusher’ which I’ve now renamed the Lidsey ‘Gusset’.

Willy Vonky & the Big Mouth, Fat Aussie ‘Captain Ramptastic’ Mr David Anthony Lenigas or ‘Liargas’ for short, told and hinted and infered,leaked, presented, tweeted etc etc there’d be thousands of barrels of oil a day. Of course we all know that that was horse shit. You were all warned not to go against the British Geological Survey and indeed the UK Government O&G Portal  website which contains all the facts and figures on Lidsey and Brockham. The scores on the doors are 40 bopd and declining.

Chalk yet another one up for ‘Yours Truly’ I did warn you all but hey if you’d rather try and ride the shite hot lightening all the way to the end of the Crock of shit rainbow then be my guest!


Placing sub 10p.


Suck it up Mugs!







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