The Milestone Group It’s going Blockchain. Watchlist! News is on the way!

It looks like there’s another ‘developing’ Blockchain play, story at The Milestone Group (LON: MSG). I’m hearing that they’re rushing to get the news out and an RNS could drop within days setting out the companies strategy.

Now I’ve read the Align Research Note on them. HERE. However what it doesn’t state is when news is due. I can exclusively reveal that news could drop within seven days. If it does then I expect it will set out the MSG Blockchain strategy. That in itself is enough to move their SP. Blockchain is as those of you who know starting to set the world on-fire. Richard Jennings (Align head honcho) is a clever CFA dude. If he says they’re going big into Blockchain then believe me he has got the heads up.

There’s a new board of techie geeks coming on so this should help to drive Milestone away from the piss poor shenanigans of their checkered past. Lot of stock in issue but their SP is buttons. I can really see this one going on another rollercoaster when the news drops. At the moment their sp is 0.40p. Fundamentals aren’t too bad they’ve got cash in the bank, shares in issue are circa 1.7 billion. But as with all of these penny stocks the key is the quality of their Board in their space.

Get researching them probably worth a few hundred pounds as a punt. Remember when these companies start to flesh out their Blockchain strategy/products then they usually go mental!





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2 Responses

  1. Willow says:

    Richard Jennings is a tool. If he is in it’s a short!!