On-Line Blockchain PLC News on the way? The Blockchain Rollercoaster. Fasten Your Belts..

There’s a lot of rumours currently flying around on news from On-Line Blockchain PLC. Now here’s the thing we all know that there’s news long overdue on many fronts, but this week could be the start of news-flow. Now I’ll tell you why I believe that news is about to start to drop.

I’ve been asked if I’d like to attend a free Blockchain and pizza get together with the Great Clem Chambers. My sources and my gut feeling tell me that the start up of the pipeline of news from OBC is very close. Of course I will be attending the get together and urge others to do the same.




Keep your eyes on them any news will be good news. And good news always pushes their SP much higher. Dependent on what that news is, (which we just don’t know) but we do know that it will be very good whatever it is.

Remember they’ve been quietly working away below the radar while at the same time their Plus1Coin has risen in value by over 1,000%. We also know/suspect that they’re working on a Mining Operation, as well as developing Blockchain applications.

Blockchain is where it’s at.  £3/£5 target on OBC.

It’s a Blockchain Rollercoaster……









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2 Responses

  1. David says:

    I AGREE I am in and riding along with the best of blockchain Lionsgold, it’s going to be massive

  2. Paul. says:

    Blockchain lions gold? In on line. Recommended here. Bought last month. Should be fun.