On-Line Blockchain PLC Whispers. Talks with Gibraltar Stock Exchange & Gaming Exchanges?

There’s likely to be a lot of news in 2018 from On-Line Blockchain PLC, the only genuine United Kingdom, London listed official Blockchain company.

Investors will have noted that since ‘yours truly’ broke the story there’s been a ‘switching on’ by investors of the remarkable potential for huge gains for those who are ‘canny’ enough to either trade the OBC rollercoaster or indeed just hold. But more importantly investors/traders are getting up to speed on the Blockchain revolution, particularly the potential for massive gains still to be had from OBC and other genuine Blockchain plays. Remember there are now a lot of unscrupulous types trying to tag their company’s with a Blockchain flavour, so beware. Stick to companies who have a proven Board and do not rush out RNS’s every five minutes screaming ‘Blockchain’. Those that go quietly navigating their way through the space are the companies you should be focusing on. Investing in companies with integrity and professionalism will pay huge dividends. Investing/trading in the flotsam & jetsam will ultimately lead to a loss.

My constant search for information from my City sources here suggests that there could be a major collaboration/partnership talks with a stock exchange as well as several gaming exchanges. I’m pretty certain that there are talks ongoing. At what stage those ‘Talks’ are is not known. What I do know is that the BOD are in total communications lockdown. Their Nomad will not return my calls.

The Stock Exchange that keeps being mentioned to me and has been now for over 4 weeks is the GSX The Gibraltar Stock Exchange, which is currently building the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX). Sources are indicating that this exchange is the most likely one to be in the frame with OBC. I’ve contacted the GSX several times who’ve confirmed that they’re working on all things Blockchain. I specifically asked them if there was any strategic partnership talks with On-Line Blockchain and if so at what stage were they? There was no confirmation or denial. I was told that any strategic partnerships would be announced through the proper regulatory channels.

If there is an announcement that a deal has been done or there is a partnership with OBC then the SP will go into multiples of £1s, potentially £10 a share.. Any official news that On-Line have or are in partnership/talks with the GSX will send their SP mental. Remember On-Line are not just about one deal with one exchange there’s a plethora of news going to be steadily released through-out 2018. Such as their very own crypto-currency coin, Plus1Coin.

What’s worth remembering here is that their sister company ADVFN already supply financial data from the London Stock Exchange and work with the NEX exchange as well as the USA. So there’s a history and a cross-over with On-Line. Oh and by the way I hear Mr Chambers was recently in the USA, marshalling the Blockchain troops…..

These are not fly by night corporates they already have a proven track record of working with the global financial suppliers of data.

Don’t be surprised if there’s plenty of RNS’s…….










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