On-Line Blockchain. Update. Work It Out! Then Move In Or Move Out! #Simple!

Time I updated on Blockchains UK contender for “Hair puller out of the Year”. I went to the Pizza Blockchain  shindig on Wednesday, just gone. Those that attended now know much more than those that didn’t on why On-Line Blockchain (LON: OBC) do not update on what they are working on & why it’s practically impossible to get hints or tidbits of news out of those running the company.

This is not an oil & gas play or a resource play. #OBC is a Tech’ Blockchain play as such it’s a roller-coaster. It isn’t subject to the vagaries and whims of P&Ders and day traders who currently run true to form and are howling and screaming utter bolloxs. It’s where you get on and where you get off that counts Not what you shriek into the  barren wastes of London South East or social media. Bitcoin goes down, then oil & gas traders sell. That’s why O&G traders should not get involved until they ‘Gem up’ on the Blockchain space. Bitcoin isn’t Blockchain just as every single crypto coin isn’t Blockchain. Cryptos are run on a Blockchain. If you don’t know the difference then you need to get up to speed.

As it stands OBC started at 13p, it’s had many spikes in SP, at one point hitting £1.86p. It currently sits at 63p no doubt whatsoever that those spikes in SP will continually repeat as the company progress their business, and progress it they are. And no doubt the Howler Monkeys will continue to scream. The problem we have is that the Board are NOT your usual shyster lifestylers who update on the licking of an envelope or the tieing of a shoelace. The Board are very chummy with the top echelons of The FCA & the Aim Team. ADVFN compliance regularly liaise with both regulators.

This is what we know about #OBC and the people who run the Company. They’re fully cashed up, no debt, proven management in their space. They don’t leak info. They, through 20 years of business at ADVFN, (the worlds biggest financial portal) work with over 70 exchanges/platforms. That fact in itself tells us that it is nailed on that they’re talking to exchanges/platforms on Blockchain developments for exchange platforms. We know that they’ve had or are still having discussions with the Gibraltar stock exchange and we suspect plenty of others. I confirmed a recent meeting OBC had at the Reform Club (London) with the head of the GSX via a simple ‘phone call which ‘blagged’ this information from the Reform club reception. Easy when you know how.

Those at the presentation know that there will only be news on signed off deals. No news on discussions. If there’s any signed deal with any exchange then the OBC  SP will go ‘stratospheric’. We know they’ve recently started a UK company called Awesome Animation (Company number 11166820). We know the Plus1coin hash rate has over the last 10 days risen to an all time high. We know that Plus1coin has been rolled out in the USA on InvestorsHub and we know that there will be other coins rolled out. We know that they’ve been developing Plus1coin as a validation token and we know that other media organisations are being-approached re’ the Plus1 validation token. We also know that they’ve opened an office some-where in London. The address of which is a highly guarded secret. It’s a secret for security reasons. Those that understand the Blockchain space will need no education as to why. It’s where their test mining and Blockchain applications operation are being developed. We know that William Louden is a big hitter and his appointment to the board isn’t ‘eye candy’. Louden is an internet genius. OBC will probably hit £2,£3,£5 or even £10 some where along the line. If you don’t think it will then sell up and move on or trade on. The choice is yours. Screaming blue murder isn’t going to force an RNS with the likes of Clem Chambers, Mike Hodges, Bill Louden and OBC. If you can’t take the pressure  because you can’t work it out. Then move out! Simple. In this company we have genuine businessmen running it for the benefit of their shareholders and the company. It’s a rollercoaster. Get used to it!

Bearing in mind all we know or suspect, it doesn’t take a ‘genius’ to see that when or if news drops then it’s going to be good news. We can predict RNS’s such as their interim’s, accounts etc. With a degree of certainty.  But we can only guesstimate when RNS’s on MOU’s, JVs Coins, Mining or Blockchain applications are rolled out. In real business, as opposed to the bullshit of the world of the P&Ders and Day traders, business deals constantly change during negotiations, ergo expected news time lines change.

You have to be in it to win it. If you don’t understand how real business works then sell up and move on. Leave Blockchain to those who know the space and are prepared to take the risk/reward involved.

When news comes it will be ‘real news’ as opposed to the bullshit that pervades the O&G/Mining space. And yes I’ve made good money in #OBC and yes I will continue to make more ‘Good money’. Research is key.







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10 Responses

  1. Mahmoud says:

    BMD I like this play. Clem knows what he’s doing. Moves like Mr Kipling cake on news. Exceedingly fast.

    Blockchain technology is the place to be. I’ve sold at £1.27p bought back at 68p. Expect img big move in value over £2 on next news or even just a buying spree.

    • Dan Levi says:

      It’s a great opportunity. Most don’t understand the Blockchain space. I too have made some terrific gains and will continue to do so.

  2. Pete says:


    Here’s the real issue here. I did attend the pizza evening on Wednesday and I found Clem Chambers offered no insight into where OBC are going. His talk was full of waffle about cryptos and bitcoin but no roadmap of plans for OBC. He seemed more interested in getting ****** than offering real shareholder insight. I spoke to Mike as well who didn’t really know much on Blockchain or any competitors in the market. I get more from your occasional posts than anything OBC ever say and my real worry is the reason there are no RNS’s is nothing to do with Clem not wanting to be seen ramping the price by the regulators but THAT THERE IS NO NEWS and no plan. I don’t think it’s a con I just think Clem is an aweful businessman as seen by the share price and profit of ADVFN over the last 15 years. Check out the 3 million in expenses listed for them on Companies House Website. I hope im not wrong but I think my money is being ****** up the wall

    • Dan Levi says:

      I was there and if you were there, I mean really there, you’d know that CC wasn’t drunk in any way shape or form. 2 maybe 3 glasses of wine over 3/4 hours. You’d also know that #OBC are in talks with companies re’ ‘developments’ and as Clem said they don’t do what other companies do; They don’t release news on talks, only on signed off deals. Plus1 has been rolled out in USA. There’s no news on it, this is how they work. Quietly and diligently under the radar.

      As for Mike Hodges not knowing anything, he’s been in the internet space for over two decades. A fully qualified/certified FCA regulated individual with a wealth of experience and knowledge in the online sector.

      Clem Chambers an awful businessman? I don’t know how you come up with that conclusion. What I’d do if I was you is thoroughly research just how successful these people are as opposed to the Trolls & ShareProphets spewing Spiteful guff on people who refused to take part in the nasty side of AIM penny shares and, as written above, severed connections with proven deceitful, bullshitters who basically are bereft of any credibility WHATSOEVER in London & beyond.

  3. Michael ivanson says:

    Dan ,
    I agree with all you say about Clem Chambers . I have seen him being interviewed on numerous occasions and he has an abundance of knowledge and experience coupled with common sense. I don’t know as much as I would like about blockchain but I’m invested because I believe in clem Chambers as a very astute businessman … patience is the key here …. let’s see where it all takes us

  4. Pete says:


    Thanks for replying. He may have had 3 drinks over a few hours when he was there but the fact is he turned up at the beginning pretty plastered so I would say he was ******
    His talk had no substance about direction of the company or timeline
    I’m an investor so believe me don’t want to lose money but come on it was a really poor evening in getting details specifically about OBC

    • Dan Levi says:

      Where have U got this from? I was there. He didn’t turn up drunk? This is complete calumny….. And he left exactly as he came. In control of his faculties. If you don’t like the guy, fair enough, but to try and falsely say he was drunk, pissed, turned up pissed is total nonsense.

      He specifically gave his reasons why OBC were tight lipped. Such as they not wanting to upset the exchange , who keep contacting them every time the SP rises over 10%. On deals he specifically stated that they were in negotiations/developments etc But wouldn’t RNS news on ‘discussions’ etc They’ll only issue news on signed off deals/developments. Which is testament to their integrity on not getting involved in RAMPING, which, as you know is rife on AIM.

      See what you can find out about Awesome Animation, when questioned about it they went very sheepish, they never knew we knew about it.. That’s because AA is an OBC controlled company which is there for what? Blockchain Developments. There’s an office some where in London that’s being tightly kept confidential because it’s full of Mining rigs & is part of their strategy on Blockchain. When that RNS drops watch the price zoom.

      The world of Blockchain and Crypto is what it is. Secretive. You don’t want your competitors to know what you’re working on or who you’re in discussions with… It’s cut-throat. The best way to not have your throat cut is by keeping it protected and not sticking your head on the guillotine. For some other company to know what you’re working on. Smart business.

  5. For the avoidance of doubt I would only post under my own name anywhere. I did not attend the pizza evening, and cannot believe Clem would be drunk. That is not his style.
    I continue to work with ADVFN on a couple of joint ventures so you are wrong there. While we have indeed bought out all the minority shareholders in ShareProphets we still work with ADVFN happily.

    PS I also sold the show to N Wray so you are wrong about that too Mr Wildrides you poltroon #factcheck

  6. Pete says:

    Will Clem get a call from the regulators that the price dropped 20% yesterday ? As I said before no roadmap, no news and what exactly has happened to the million pound raised in January? Lifestyle CEO. ****************************** ********************* ****************** I noticed my last post was not actually posted by yourself.. Any idea what’s going on with OBC. Thanks

    • Dan Levi says:

      You’re last post was moderated out due to it’s vicious content because you are calling people frauds. Which is totally wrong. Have faith. I myself have circa £100K in stock. Pete I know it’s a pain and frustrating. But no company is made in 3/4 months. This is a blockchain rollercoaster. When it bounces up next, sell. It’s not for you if it makes you seethe with hate and anger.