On-Line Blockchain. Hold Tight. It’s Going To Go Mental (Again) Tick! Tock!

Investors & Traders in Blockchain are all sat awaiting news on On-Line Blockchain PLC (LON: OBC). The only genuine London listed blockchain play with proven management who not only have integrity but also have a hell of a lot of ‘Skin in the game’.

I first broke the news when the shares were trading for 13p…. OBC has hit close to £2 and currently rests at 95p. The recent cash & grab £1M placing certainly took away the momentum. Although that was the first placing for over 15 years.

It’s been a rollercoaster thus far as we pull our hair out (those that have hair) trying to fathom the Chambers/Hodges strategy. News has been thin on the ground. There’s a reason for that. Blockchain is a game changer and the ‘No Coiners’, such as the Banks and financial institutions are terrified of all things blockchain. You wont find the OBC guys ramping to fook or promoting to death, specifically because the Nomad and the London Stock Exchange are watching them like a hawk and this isn’t the way CEO’s with business acumen and integrity ‘Do Business’. Only shyster CEO’s operate on twitter/social media to massively over-promote suckering in the gullible pre there begging bowl twice/thrice yearly placings.

OBC are quietly going about their business and it is this I now turn too. News and whispers a plenty. OBC have been talking to the Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX) this has been confirmed to me by my sources. OBC ‘maybe’ meeting them again over the next month or so via a meeting in Gibraltar where Chambers is pencilled in to be one of the main speaker at a Gib’ blockchain conference in Q1, at what stage these talks are isn’t known. Indeed they could be dead or they could be very alive. Remember ADVFN deal with over 40 exchanges, so it’s pretty nailed on that some of these are being targeted. As well as gaming exchanges.

Big news on the way re’ OBC and a big international name/company coming in. Whispers have reached ‘Yours Truly’ that there’s a big name and I mean Big Name in discussions with OBC and their Nomad who would obviously be going through the usual AIM due diligence procedures on the name/Company. I emailed their Nomad, Roland Cornish regarding this and received no reply.. But it is 100% that news is on the way. Now from what I can glean an individual who has connections to Bill Gates. I shit you not! Was in the ADVFN office two weeks ago. Make of that what you want. I’ve also heard that ClemC was in the Facebook offices having a meeting. Whether this was ADVFN or OBC business isn’t known. But whatever it was for remember there’s a crossover.

These are about $20K in value. Can mine $600 per day….

Generate circa £150-£250 per day.

The roll-out of Plus1Coin in the UK, which has risen in value by 1,000%, could be rolled out in the USA. That’s good news for those who have some of the coins and good news for those who are mining the Plus1Coin. Which brings me on nicely to crypto mining.

I was in the advfn office and noticed that there’s an awful lot of mining rigs of various descriptions, set up. (See Pics). So being the cheeky fooker I am I sneakily took a few pics! Which will no doubt get me barred from ADVFN…. I suspect that these rigs are a joint testing exercise between both companies. The large rigs use about £20 of electricity and generates £150-£250 per day in crypto cash. Not bad. I surmise that these mining rigs could be the precursor to OBC/ADVFN setting up an industrial scale mining operation over the coming months. 50 of these rigs would generate plenty of cash, do the maths…. I’d expect news on this pretty soon…..

There’s a lot going on behind the scenes and below the radar at On-Line Blockchain. Target £5 is easily achievable once the news starts to roll out. And make no mistake. Big news is on the way it’s a question of time. 3 months, 6 months 12 months etc. We just have to force out the RNS’s!





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