Angus Energy. Aussie ‘Billy Liargas’ (Lenigas) Placing Ahoy!

Yesterday the truth on Angus Energy (LON: ANGS) finally dropped on the so-called company changing Lidsey Gusher. It wasn’t’ so much as a ‘Gusher’ but more of an intermittent stream of kidney ‘infection induced’, Aussie piss. The reality of Anus, OOPS, Angus Energy is that, as I told you all many, many times, it is a bread & butter oil play at best. I knew this because I, unlike the loons and poltroons, took the time to thoroughly research. I read their Xodus CPR, the IPO doc’s, the British Geological Survey on the Weald and one of the best tools out their for UK oil and gas plays: The government O&G portal. But the biggest pointer of all to this being nothing more than a ramptastic pile of shite was the continual endorsement of that – bullshitter, stock market ramper, Captain Ramptastic, Mr David Anthony Lenigas. The involvement of Australia’s answer to Billy Liar should always be a red flag.

Sore Anus? Then Don’t buy your Shares on what this fooker ramps!

The ‘muppets’ who spun the story on such sites as, the London South East home for halfwits & twitter went sullenly quiet. The so-called ‘market commentators’ who were paid to push this ‘Turkish Delight’, no doubt are making their excuses as they bank the cash paid to them for assisting and deliberately failing to hold those who are running the ‘Over Promote’, to account. (This is par for the course on the AIM casino).

Not so here on the UK’s favourite wholly independent financial blog. Which is why it’s now a ‘Full House’ on UKOG & ANGS for yours truly. I didn’t get where I am today by running with the loons or taking cash payments to remain silent or ebullient on piss poor AIM listed scams. You take the ‘Lenigas shilling’ you play the Lenigas tune. Not so, double award winning, Mr Daniel Levi, ADVFN International Finance Blogger of 2017.   Hey come on when you win as big as I win then occasionally you’re allowed a wee bit of an ‘Over Promote’  laugh and a giggle……

‘Three Wheels On My Wagon’

So the reality of yesterdays Angus RNS is there for all to see. HERE. The ridiculous claims quietly whispered by ‘Willy Vonky, Liargas’ and his team of bullshitters to the lumpenproletariat of 10,000, 1,400, 1,200, 400 and even 250 barrels of oil a day, two tankers laden with black gold leaving the Lidsey site every day for the next ten years is laid bare. The Great Oolite Oil fantasy finally dies a death. I’m reminded of that age old nursery rhyme ‘Three Wheels on my Wagon’ in the case of both Angus and UKOG it’s more like One wheel between them both.

Forty barrels of oil a day in relation to the actual cost of the Lidsey site and drill is a piss poor return and basically makes the whole play uneconomic. It isn’t financially viable, particularly as the decline rate is over 50%. That means that even if they could double production, with more cash burning remedial work, you’d still end up with circa 40bopd. Now here’s the thing, no matter what this bunch of shysters start to spin there’s a cash call coming. They, by my estimation, have less than £200,000, remember they have to spend on that other ‘world changing’ asset Brockham, not forgetting that their share of the Holmwood drill (£800,000), can’t be met and there’s that old bug bear of plc. costs. You know such things as Nomad, Broker, PR, Director fees, Consultancy fees, AIM listing fees, Solicitor fees, on top of the day to day costs of Brockham and Lidsey etc. There’s a placing coming, just as foretold on UKOG these people need cash and they need it quick now that the ‘Lidsey rat is out of the bag’.

The share price has tanked by 41%, at time of writing its 15.25p. The market capital is circa £37M. There is no recovery play here. The shares are worth between 3p/4p. That is it. Which means that they’ll more than likely be below 10p soon enough.  But don’t worry on the placing price as whatever they raise cash at it will carry a big discount, if you have the ‘Energy’ you can always throw more money in and keep kicking yourself  ‘Up’ the ‘An(g)us’. (A sophisticated joke for unsophisticated poltroons).

You can expect lots of shysterism to hit the online airwaves as the defeated, scattered army of the ‘Dumb as Fook’  led by Captain Ramptastic, regroup and come back with yet more horse shit on Kimmeridge etc.

Next time the fat Aussie comes knocking don’t bend over. Stand up straight and kick him right up the ‘An(g)us’!






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