Nostra Terra Oil & Gas Confidential Doc’s Reveal East Ghazalat Deceits!

I don’t know how many times I’ve said this, it’s like groundhog day. “Just when Nostra Terra shareholders think it can’t get any worse it does”. Once again yours truly exposes the utter shambolic management of one of the biggest Dogs on the London AIM. It is in the investing/trading public interest that I publish this material to protect the gullible! Come on down Nostra Terra Oil & Gas (LON: NTOG) and receive your metaphorical kick in the testicles on behalf of the hundreds, nay the thousands of UK Private Investors you the shorting CEO Matt Lofgran (the man who makes secret cash payments to twitter buffoons who sold poisonous chemicals to kids to ramp his stock) has fleeced for literally millions upon millions of pounds!

I’ve held off on this Major Expose for nearly 9 months. So read on as I reveal and publish Documented confidential information that was being passed between the NDOGS East Ghazalat JV and their Partner and operator North Petroleum the Chinese operator. It’s a long epistle so get the popcorn in.

Documents passed to this website reveal a damning list of wholesale lies and deceits that Lofgran has and is still perpetrating on his own share-holders and you can bet your house on it that the Nomad wasn’t informed of the true situation. How do I know that? Because if he’d told the Nomad they’d have forced RNS’s, elementary my dear readers….

On the 17th of Jan’ 2016 the East Ghazalat JV received a Notice of Default from ‘North’ see below. They hadn’t been paying their end of the cash calls since November 2015. The JV partners were pestered for some 8 weeks by North for payment, but some 3 days later Lofgran, who must have known that a default notice was served issued a ramptasic Operations Update RNS, 20th January 2016, it is 8/9 days after receiving the Notice Of Default that Lofgran then updates on 25th Jan’ 2016, that the Operator, North, had served notice of a default and had invoked the provisions of the Joint Operating Agreement (JOA). When was the Nomad told? That is one of the many questions that the shorting CEO must now answer. Lofgran knew on the 17th of Jan’ 2016. How do I know that? Because in a letter dated 24th Jan’ 2016 & received by North & date stamped by NORTH. See copy———————————–> It states it was served electronically by email on the 17th of Jan’ 2017


I cannot believe that the Nomad sat on this for 8/9 days AND allowed them to release a ramptastic RNS about Egypt! It beggars belief…

However this pales into insignificance when readers read on and find out that the situation was so bad that the JV Partners had attempted to SELL their stake back to North on December 15th 2015! The letter states sic> “We are now considering the sale of our 50% interest sic< and invite NPIC (North) to make an offer for this entire non-operated stake” I publish that letter below. Now bear in mind that at this time both of the JV Partners were telling PorkyPies to the market via upbeat RNS’s over a prolonged period of time. Again was the Nomad aware of the attempted sale? Was the NDOG Nomad aware that Lofgran had attempted to sell a stake that he’d been telling everybody was ‘super dooper?’ How many UK investors has this fooker hoodwinked telling them how great East Ghazalat is while actually he was in the shit and trying to flog it?

But yet again it gets even worse… Fast forward to the 31st of Aug’ 2016 a letter is sent to the Chairman of the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC) asking for help, in that letter the JV Partners confess that “Alex Maleas who is the General Manager of PetroSafwa & Petro Amir sic> Has publicly announced that in his view East Ghazalat is NOT ECONOMIC at oil prices of less than $70 per barrel” Maleas actually works on site at East Ghazalat! In that letter there are a whole host of allegations made against employees of North demanding to know who they are and how much they get paid. It’s a lengthy letter so I’ve only posted 2 sheets, the most damning and important point

is that Alex Maleas, who works for North, is paid by North, states that East Ghazalat is not economic under $70 per barrel. This is contrary to everything UK NTOG share-holders have been spoon fed. So what is the truth? Remember at the time Lofgran is still assuring the market making upbeat comments via RNS’s and the usual pumpcasts ramping NTOG on well-known P&D platforms such as Vox Markets, London South East, Share-Talk & twitter etc. When according to this letter East Ghazalat isnt viable. It’s no wonder they couldn’t make the ‘Cash Calls’ and have had to deceive investors in-order to befuddle them into parting with their cash! This is whole sale fraud and deception! Again was this information known by their Nomad? There are so many questions here that it’ll take some explaining away and no doubt the usual bullshit from Lofgran will be rolled out. But wait it gets even worse!!

The provisional budget for 2016 was, I kid you not, $13,483,384 dollars! Half of that if that was spent, is owed by Nostra, obviously minus their revenues but it is still a hefty debt in the millions of dollars and on top of that there’s a ‘Contingent Budget’ for cost overruns of $2,843,500 dollars!!! Remember production has fallen off the cliff it is down by at least 50%. There has been no RNS on the current BOPD. Why? Because quite simply this would crater the already cratered share-price and add massive dilution to the placings. Make no mistake there will be yet another Placing here as soon as the scumbag running the CONpany can get one away.

So too all those who have taken the NTOG ‘shilling’ the brokers, the analysts, the Nomads, the pump & dump platforms and every fooker who continually ramps this POS, I say to you ‘hang your heads in shame. Shame on you all!’ Shame for being involved in such shenanigans for a few ‘shekels’ were good people who work their fingers to the bone trying to make a few extra pounds via trading/investing have been lead such a merry dance for so long… You all must have known or at the very least suspected… Shame that it takes some one like ME, to expose such dastardly deeds… I warn you all, CEO’s, Directors and Brokers etc. You come on the BMD Radar I will light you up like a Xmas tree on GuerillaInvesting, twitter & every social media platform there is. Don’t think a solicitor’s letter or indeed High Court writs have any impact on Daniel Levi. The truth will always win in the end.

So what can investors do? Well you can all hope and pray that some where along the line some one or some thing takes 10% and kicks this lying, deceitful shambolic CEO out on his skanky arse. The Nomad should investigate immediately! NTOG should be suspended! Lofgran is on a promote he’s recently been tweeting that all is going very well (More lies) and he’s even tweeted that he’s in the Egyptian Dessert and how beautiful it is, now there’s a double entendre if ever there is one.  Is this the same east Ghazalat exposed above? Or is it another one in a parallel Universe? His woeful attempts to use twitter ramps, hence the Dessert tweets and Vox markets pumpcasts are a sign of desperation. He needs cash, Your Cash, and he’ll do and say literally anything to get his filthy hands on it. There is little hope here when the man at the top is consistently fucking up ad infinitum. That’s because no matter what he does Matt Lofgran is cursed, yes cursed, as I know all too well you consistently lie, cheat and steal then Karma with a capital ‘K’ comes knocking. I’ve lost count of the amount of times this POS has been exposed….

As for Lofgran everyone with half a brain knows he’s a POS. The AIM Regulator will be receiving ALL of this and more Documents. You can explain to them…. I hope they run you out of this country.  Don’t forget kiddywinks you buy in here you get wiped out within months……

If you have any information or suspect malfeasance or want to WhistleBlow on ANY company YOU can forward the info/docs anonymously to: Confidentiality 100% guaranteed.

And that ladies and gentlemen is why I’m ADVFN International Financial Blogger of 2017 LOL!!!!











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  1. Lucia says:

    Not a company I’d ever put money into. Rubbish apart from
    The facts of a listing value, fundamentals show it’s never been in profit. Has a $30M carried loss. Their CEO is rotten to the core. Good read keep up the pressure Daniel.