Nautical/Encore/Premier… Eyes on here!

Investors should keep their beady eyes on these companies over the next few days.

JP Morgan et all are on the hunt for gains here over the next week.

If 160p(Nautical)  38p (Encore) are breached before the end of the week then markets here are speculating/ruminating that the news will be positive. A 200p breach on the catcher east side track drill news,  with the provisio of a favourable company report.

As always Do Your Own Research!


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  1. a mottishaw says:

    Any thoughts on GKP news

    • sgr says:


      Check out RRl Range Resources… About to Rocket, have a look form your own opinion by all means!!

      • Brokerman says:

        I shall give them a good look over the weekend. We here are inundated with BP investor clients (panic stricken would be an understatement!) weakening in the face of the dramatic events out in the Gulf so i am busy but i will give them a look.


    • Brokerman says:

      I am on a GKP watch here i have all my contacts on provisional alert for me.


  2. Laurence Bristol says:

    Away we go Danny Boy !!! 🙂