There’s a storm approaching…..

Lot of emails and messages over the last few weeks, asking why I have basically been in purdah on the social network site Twitter? Well the truth is that I’ve been very busy with matters that are important. Not least discovering the shocking history of one chap who purports to be an “aim investigator”  (Conman). All shall be fully revealed once the share-holder activism on certain companies still in the BMD cross-hairs comes to an end, which will be very soon….

My enforced silence is all but over. I actually have a bet that I can stay off twitter for 31 days. Which is why this brief riposte isn’t being tweeted. That bet will net me a thumping £160. Or to put it into an easier perspective approx. 500,000 Sefton shares. LOL!


In for the spin.




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