Andalas Energy Pass The ‘Liars Baton’ Over To Beaufort Securities!

The lies are coming out thick and fast over at Andalas Energy Power & Gas (LON: ADL). Today their bucket shop broker Beaufort Securities released what can only be described as the biggest crock of shit ever released by a House Broker who holds stock through Sanderson Capital.  This isn’t the first time that the City Boyos (Shysters) have released such utter shite in-order to ramp their stock so that they can get out. Make no mistake people like Jon Belliss (Head ‘Liar’ of Corporate Broking) are telling wholesale lies. If Belliss would like to challenge that in the High Court then make my day you scumbag! Apparently Belliss is telling people he’s off to do a ‘Site Visit’ for ADL.. This is rather strange as Andalas do not have any site/s that he can visit. It’s more bullshit designed to fool the mug-punters who’ve already taken such a kicking that the investor base has been vapourised, turning ADL into nothing more than a traders stock.

Todays ‘Speculative Buy’ had me laughing into my cornflakes this morning. I’ve ran out of porridge hence I’m chomping through my cornflakes, nevertheless the laughter at ‘Levi Towers’ was no less rib tickling. I shall acquire some porridge this evening! Tesco own brand. It’ll cost me about 20,000 ADL shares, sadly I can’t pay with worthless toilet paper so I’ll have to actually use real money…

Beaufort Securities are playing a dirty game here and a double game of bluff in an attempt to drive the ADL SP up so that they can get out.

Andalas are currently under investigation by the AIM Regulator and their Nomad regarding the 1st Sept’ 2016 RNS where they’ve once again been caught out telling deliberate ‘Porkypies’.  Read HERE. There is no agreement with PTT Pertamina (Persoro) that’s confirmed by the PTT Pertamina (Persoro) VP Corporate Secretary (communications). PTT Pertamina (Persoro) do not ‘DO’ Joint Developement Agreements that’s confirmed also, especially with A company that hasn’t got any money! As for the ‘Partnership’ trumpheted out so many times by the Liar and chief scumbag CEO Dave Whitby that too is bullshit. There is NO Partnership with PTT Pertamina (Persoro) that also has been confirmed by the PTT Pertamina (Persoro) Corporate Secretary!

The ramptastic shite coming out from Beaufort Securities is laughable in the extreme. Post the highly dilutive placing (And there have been many) there’s over 4,700,000,000. That’s Four Billion Seven Hundred Million shares in existence with another 3,300,000,000 issued and waiting to flood the market at any time. Yes Three Billion Three Hundred Million shares awaiting to be issued on top of the 4,700,000,000. Beauforts are telling the mug punters that the target is 0.20p a Market Capital value of circa £10,000,000 LOL!!! Apart from the fact that ADL have circa £200K in cash and will have to raise again and again and again ad infinitum…. They don’t have any fooking assets whatsoever LOL!! A shell is worth about £500K on the AIM. That is the true value of Andalas Energy and any Broker/Analyst, particulary the House Broker who has STOCK, which they’re rather disingenuiously selling into any rises, are telling you all a pack of lies…. Just as CEO Dave Whitby has lied over and over again, we now see the House Broker picking up the ‘Liars Baton’





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