NEW WORLD exclusive yes I shit you not! News has reached ‘yours truly’ that a Mr Big a BARON of the UNITED KINGDOM OIL & GAS community has been arrested. Read on to find out exactly who it is and WHO had him shackled like a common criminal.

The Worlds’ ‘most dangerous man’ was arrested and interviewed under caution a complaint had been lodged with the City of London, Westminster Police by a SOLO complainant. The crime, which was so SIRIUS, had been reported to the highest levels, MI5, MI6, Special Branch & indeed Special K all were involved in the co-ordination of an operation code named ‘GREEN DRAGON’. Sauces indicated the arrest & interrogation was watched via video link by No10 Downing St. Teresa May personally signed the arrest warrant, after SOUND advice that National Security and ANGLO AFRICAN relations were on a knife edge. The ensuing operation was an ECHO of the one that nailed Osama Bin Laden.

NIGHTHAWK helicopters were hovering over the scene of the arrest and were seen flying round the Malvern Hills reminiscent of a world war II SPITFIRE. Officers, specially trained, arrived via what one bystander said was a “CHARIOT of vehicles”. Armed tacital units quickly alighted and began the ASCENT of this most dangerous mans lair. A castle atop the Malvern Hills. Like a HURRICANE officers rushed towards the battlements in what can only be described as a PREMIER operation that ended in TOTAL success.

Dr No Comment. Britains most dangerous man. As tough as RED ROCK

The apprehension of Mr Christopher Williams a.k.a ChrisOil! Public Enema No1! lol!!!!!

Yes I have it on good authority that ChrisOil the notorious Malvern ‘Gangsta’ a man at the ZENITH of the AIM cess-pit was interviewed at a High Security police station in Worcestershire last week. Oh my giddy Aunt whatever will the neighbours think….

However PROVIDENCE was smiling on Mr Williams due to the SOUND advice from ‘HIS’ crack legal team who were flown in from south FALKLAND. It’s reported that Williams choose to exercise his REGAL right to refuse to comment, what else from Britains most dangerous man but the first tenet of Cosa NOSTRA. The unholy TRINITY of the mafia!!! Silence from the  GOLDEN SAINT who was shackled using the toughest metal on planet earth ‘SULA’ IRON. No matter how hard the officers tried to break him ChrisOil remained HARDY not a word came from pubic enema No1…..  It was SILENCE THERAPUTICS all the way…..

Optiva Bucket Shop GLOBAL headquarters. Next to a Brothel above a barbershop. Pack of 4?

So just exactly what was the alleged crime and more to the point who was the instigator of that complaint. As I understand it from my INDEPENDENT RESOURCES, the alleged crime was… wait for it wait for it…. A tweet! The complainant was….. wait for it wait for it…. An Optiva Securities Employee also known as a ‘scumbag’ yes you know them, the biggest bucket shop brokerage on the London Stock Market. The purveyors of pump & dumps the wankers who shaft their own clients on a daily basis suckering them into some of the biggest POS’s on the AIM run by none other than Christian Dennis & co, aligned to the fat aussie share ramper David Lenigas, operating their bucket shop above a barbers and next to a  euphemistically called ‘lap dancing club’ also known as a Brothel! It has taken STERLING work on my behalf to bring this out into the public domain.

The complaint was made in Feb’ 2017. A most interesting conversation indeed. I spoke to The City of London Police last week. You’ll all know them as the brave men and women who have their hands full protecting the public from such threats as the London Bridge Terrorist Atrocity and serious organised crime. Whoever the Optiva fooker is who wasted valuable police time investigating a none crime should hang their heads in shame. What a ‘Pussy’. I emailed Optiva but as yet they too have remained silent. The silence of the lambs about to be slaughtered and ridiculed on social media.

The ‘boys & girls’ in blue have got better things to do then be forced into a wild goose chase after a phantom twitterer… No doubt the Optiva shysters were all having a good old chuckle in the wine bars and the ‘Brothel’ at the way they’d manipulated the rozzers into arresting Williams last week. If I was a mug punter signed up with ‘Optrivia’. I’d be closing my account pronto. Not least because Williams is still one of their clients! Customer Care?

It was one tweet making threats of a skoolboy nature.  Suffice it to say that there was no evidence to link poor ChrisOil to what the rozzers refered to as a ‘Malicious Communication’ that didn’t I repeat ‘didn’t’ come from Mr Oil’s twitter. But did originate from somewhere in the Birmingham area! FFS!  Such flimsy evidence which is no evidence, didn’t produce the hoped for Rendition to LENI GAS CUBA. File closed! No Further Action! Dismissed by the Crown Prosecution Service, filed under bollox. Case Closed. Victoria Oil & Gas to Mr Williams.

If anyone knows the name of the actual ‘pathetic broker’ who lodged the malicious complaint please do send it in to me.

I have some ‘experience’ in police matters and jurisprudence. There is no way that the police would have progressed this without a concerted effort on behalf of the complainant/Optiva. I get regular threats on twitter, email and occasionaly on the phone. I would never run to the police as I recognise exactly that those that indulge in such childish pranks, and that’s all it is, are halfwits. The fact that Optiva sought to TRAP ‘OIL’ & implicate him in such childish nonsense speaks more about them then it does about Williams, who as I understand it, sailed through the ’10 hour interrogation’ and came out ‘VALIANT’, as fresh as a ROSE but with no DESIRE to rinse repeat the experience. IGAS all is well that ends well…. And it really doesn’t MATRA in the grand scheme of life…

I can only assume that Optiva are run by pussies….. Ohhoooo the embarrassment….. Having your arse kicked by ChrisOil and every fooker on twitter, the financial chat sites, as well as every brokerage knowing it.






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18 Responses

  1. MR Big says:

    The Barber Shop Boiler Room methinks its “Graeme Dickson ” of Doc Green

  2. Graeme Dickson Brown Shoes says:

    I think Chris oil going to stick his £1000 pair of brown shoes up the arse of Graeme Dickson. We know the brokers views on brown shoes.

  3. MR Big says:

    Graeme Dickson putting plastic bags of lookalike drugs on his twitter site now that he seems to have collected from westminster police station? Is this guy a stockbroker or a drug dealer and what do the FCA think about the barber boiler room gang ??????

  4. Graeme Dickson Plastic Bag of Brown Shoes says:

    I think readers forget that Optiva are run next to a brothel and above a barber shop. My question is does Graeme Dickson use these facilities ? clearly the pump and pumpers use the free extras provided by the Barber Room Boiler Shop ?

    Also Mr Big has a point what is a regulated person doing retweeting drug bags from Westminster Police Station? and Why the hell do Optiva take there own clients to the old bill with their record of market abuse?

    Brokermandaniel we are looking forward to the Optiva tapes you tweeted about months ago is there a connection ???

  5. FCA investigate Optiva says:

    Optiva Securites are pump and dumpers beware everything they touch turns to crap. The brokers are market abusers and have very little brain cells. They use big gob and bel on twitter to ramp rubbish. FCA investigation needed as everyone knows there game now

  6. Doc Holiday Is Big Davs Rent Boy says:

    Interesting views. Word on the street is Big Dav has the biggest shareholding of Optiva and uses Doc Holiday as his new rent boy shared with Graeme Dickson. I hear he likes nice retail investors in brown shoes to fuck over.

    When is the FCA investigation coming for these criminals run by FCA convicted criminal Christian Dennis ?

    Or will they find lots of plastic DRUG bags at Optiva Securities , no 4 or the barber shop which Graeme Dickson seems to enjoy admitting to being a drug pusher on his twitter page as well as a con man while grassing Optivas own clients to the coppers. Nice customer service.

    I hear they are going bust this year so if you have money move it or lose it.

  7. Doc Holiday Is Big Davs Rent Boy says:

    I forgot to mention optiva clients think they are so useless most have moved to SVS

  8. Optiva Drug Pushers says:

    So let me get this right.

    Optiva Securities are a stockbroker above a barber shop pushing drugs on twitter and reporting all there clients to the rozzers ?

    With the key person being Graeme Dickson who has a thing about hating brown shoes and grassing clients to the police.

    My question is do the drugs come in from Vishal overseas ??????????????

    Do all employees of Optiva push the stuff or just on twitter ? and do they collect the drugs from No 4 brothel ?

    FCA investigation needed plus rozzers into Optiva Securities.


  9. Graeme Dicksons Plastic Bag of Drugs says:


    This Graeme Dicksons a bad man but is he selling the drugs inside Optiva or on twitter ?

    love to hear Optiva recorded calls to Graeme “hello how much drugs do you need we can send Bel or Gob to deliver them to your door. Did you find out from my ad on my twitter page ”

    “Bewarned if you cross me i report you to the police on a single non tweet financed by Christian Dennis illegal Optiva shares dealings”

  10. Doc Holiday is Optiva Rent Boy ? says:

    Thats all folks listen to the next pump dump via my podcast

    I will just get more free shares from Optiva via Leni ho ho ho

    By the way i get cash bungs via flowcom the goblin an Optiva invented pump and dump shadow directed by Graeme Dickson and Christian Dennis in a ponzi scheme

    Take care god bless while i fuck you over recommending Optiva shares and sales force to con you.

  11. Mark Of Zorro says:

    Hmmm I will put a Z on the door of the barber shop or brothel to warned retail investors they will be robbed.

    Optiva robbers of your money

  12. Optiva main sponsor of momentous acid festival at O2 says:

    I am going to momentous it’s an acid festival at O2 with free drugs in plastic bags presented by Optiva as main sponsors.

    Will Graeme Dickson and gang be there with Christian Dennis grovelling on the drunk on the floor as normal pumping crap

  13. Hal has run off with the drugs bag ? says:

    Rumour has it Hal the moron in charge of trading shit at optiva run off with Dicksons weed bag

  14. Mark Of Zorro says:

    I think Vishal been sniffing again I will mark a Z on the bag of whatever drugs that were push by Mr Dickson on his Twitter promoting optiva pumps and dumps.

  15. Graeme Dicksons Weed Factory says:

    Methinks Graeme Dicksons weed is coming from Big Davs South African pump and dump factory with Optiva charging for the weed.

  16. Dr No says:

    let’s get some more balance here we can conclude Optiva Securites is a cast iron avoid.

    As a client they steal your cash and bang you up with the coppers. But don’t worry Big Gib can give you a can of beer at his council house in Brum leveraged 99% on Graeme Dicksons game show share picks.

  17. Bel got no uk passport says:

    Hi I am Bell I am an illegal immigrant and into money laundering that’s why I use Optiva Securites. Serial pump and dumper marker abuser but don’t worry Dicksons lost all my money in AAOG.

  18. Dr No says:

    Frankly the FCA should shut Optiva Securities down as soon as possible. I think the feeling of BMD article and comments posted show the feelings of some to an awful bucket shop city broker operation next to a brothel above a barbers shop and the type of crooks within.

    FCA get off your arse and investigate Optiva Securities as nu 1 fraud operation of 2017. Word has it Optiva are going bust if you have an account get your cash out soon.