Nostra Terra Oil & Gas Lofgran hard @ work!

Seal of the City of Dallas

Office space available.

It’s been a great few weeks for holders of Nostra Terra. The once shambolic company has risen over 150% since we here at the Blog of all Blogs UPGRADED their status from Death by a thousand cuts to  “Coin flip!”  After mucho research we can now exclusively reveal that Nostra are actively seeking and maybe close to finalising further asset purchases now just how are they going to pay for them? Well the end of the HPI partnership should bring home much-needed revenue which could be used for asset purchases. Further news is that the recently appointed PR company for Nostra may be about to launch an investor relations campaign? It’s about time I hear you say! Is it any wonder why Nostra are now actively seeking office space in Dallas Texas. Yes you get all the news and views from the world-famous BMD blog! And remember this is not BP  Nostra are a volatile tiddler AIM STOCK so please research before investing.





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  1. Pilesh says:

    Hi Dan,

    Thanks for the update on Nostra, can you please provide some updates on Caza, Matra & Leni, they seems to be in the doldrums and not moving much in the upward direction.

    Thanks for all your hard work and sharing the wealth of knowledge and research.

    Best regards

  2. Andy says:

    Have I missed the news on GCM ?

  3. Angela says:

    Dan any news today from the fabulous region of Orenburg were are mta hard workers are trying to get the fabulous black gold out of the ground????
    Ciao dalla tua amica

  4. Mark says:

    Any views on USOP United states oil and gas Dan .

  5. hiya
    any thoughts on San Leon / Range / EMED / Matra – they are all on a downward slope … time to get out ??


    • Biggleswick says:

      Oh dear. Just how much of your OWN research are you actually doing hee?

      All those shares you listed, did you do any research on them at all or were you just in because someone said they could all make you rich quick? SLE and RRL have barely even started their potentially transformational campaigns yet.

      Very worrying trend this.

  6. finally I got rid of my shares in Matra, tired of this waiting

  7. 13thMonkey says:

    Dan- EO news? :/

  8. Nibor says:

    Dan, I bought into NTOG last year at around 0.8p on the basis of my own research. On the verge of selling at a loss, I asked your views. When you revised your ‘death by a thousand cuts rating’ to ‘coin flip’, it prompted me to reconsider. I hung on in and, thanks to that, I am no longer underwater. A great blog!