Andalas Energy Exposed Now organising more Ramptastic Horse shit RNS’s

Would you Adam & Eve it yes folks Andalas Energy & Power (LON: ADL) are already at the bolloxs trying to organise yet another ramptastic set of RNS’s to shore up their ever decreasing share-price which is now below 0.065p. This is being done to keep the SP up. If it stays below 0.065p then the placing is dead in the water it will have to be re-jigged downwards. That’s a fact.

News has also reached me that their bucket shop broker Beauforts time as ADL broker maybe coming to an end. Andalas are after yet another broker having exhausted the Beaufort clients (sucker list) they need a new brokers’ client list to rape. Hey Ho here we go. You can expect nothing other than total failure from CEO Whitby who has no regard whatsoever for the ‘Dumb British POMS’ and has rinsed huge amounts of cash out of ADL via Corsair Petroleum. ‘Fill ya pockets Dave’ one last time because your reign is coming to an end soon enough.

But that’s not all. Yesterdays kick in the balls, teeth and anus for the ‘Melts’ who’ve consistently been serially buggered by Whitby and Co’, yet refuse to accept the truth, are very telling. The RNS reads as if Directors are ponying up for 900,000,000 shares with £585k of their own money. Or are they? No they are not. Now here’s the heads up and BMD opinion the majority of those shares will NOT be paid for directly via cash from the Directors it would be in lieu of Director fees if they buy into or take part in the placing. Which they won’t. Hey Ho yet another good rodgering….

Yesterday I officially put Andalas Energy & Power to the sword. The CONpany were made to ‘fess up’ that ‘Jambi 1 IPP’ doesn’t exist in any way shape or form other than on a piece of Indonesian toilet paper and admit that they were desperately seeking cash (Placing) Both of those RNS’s came because of the official complaint lodged with the regulatory authorities.

The Nomad forced the clarification so that every single ADL follower & share-holder now knows exactly what Jambi 1 IPP is and more importantly the mine-field of regulatory and financial hurdles ADL have to navigate over a number of years before I repeat ‘BEFORE’ it can get onto the RUPTL Indonesian Electricity Plan. What the Nomad, Cantors, has done is very important. It allows them to say when ADL go tits up, “Everyone knew and we announced it to the market openly even via a ‘Clarification’ that Jambi 1 IPP was in actual fact a ‘Paper Project’ without the $15,000,000 of finances in place”. This allows them to walk away with legal coverage. That is exactly what yesterdays forced ‘clarification’ RNS was all about.

Moving on. I now expose exactly what in my opinion went on yesterday behind the scenes. I’d already contacted Beauforts and put them on notice that an expose was on the way, Sandabel had also been contacted. I knew this would force their hand re the placing and put pressure on the Aussie shysters. I now declare that I was actually in Indonesia Jakarta, and Sumatra last week gathering evidence. I have world class sources within PERTAMINA and the Indo’ oil & gas community. To all the  ‘shrills’ Do not think that I make these things up in a drunken stupor. I get about and if it means going to Indonesia or any other place in the world, then I go.

Make no mistake the Andalas placing, should the idiots vote it through and the idiots taking part cough up, will leave them with circa £300k. That’s about 12 weeks before we’re at it yet again with the Hotpoint rinse repeat cycle. The next placing will be at yet another huge discount. The RNS’s only came because of two things. 1/ They had to get the placing out before their Nomad and the regulatory bods had made direct contact with the Indonesian authorities. Once the Indonesians are made aware of exactly what’s been going on in Andalas and declare exactly what the regulatory and financial progression is then ADL will be suspended. They had to get the placing announced asap. Otherwise it was dead. 2/ Cantor Fitzgerald hastily cobbled together a ‘Clarification’ which is crystal clear and gets them off the regulatory hook once ADL go tits up. They don’t want another African Potash shafting…  That’s how I see it in fact that’s how it is.






PS I told ya so lol!!!

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  1. Phil says:

    Well done Dan and thank you on you posts regarding ADL. Now it’s time for some positive stock to look at Teth – listing on TSX very soon and results to be issued the same time they have big investors. Mafl – the stock is now well under valued and will not see true value until LS is sold which I reckon will not be long. Be great to hear your views on these very quite stocks ready for rerate IMO.