Andalas Energy & Power Share Holder ACTION GROUP LAUNCHED TODAY!

Today I officially launch the Andalas Energy & Power share-holder action group.

It’s time for  Andalas share-holders to get active and demand action and answers from the Board. Genuine share-holders have been lead a merry dance by the likes of CEO David Whitby and the directors. They been have mis-lead and lied too. It is now time for all, regardless of their personal feelings to put away their differences and band together in the spirit of unity to force change.

Everyone involved as a share-holder knows the many,many duplicitious deeds that the Charlatans running Andalas have perpetrated. The dilution, the destruction of share value, the lies, the syphoning off of shareholder cash and not least the so called assets that always vapourise into nothing!

The opportunity is now here for ALL genuine holders to join up, become active and agitate through share-holder activism for change.

If we don’t then there’s a real possibility that Andalas will delist and or go into administration. There’s no cash whatsoever left. They’ve fooked over £5,000,000 of cash. Where has it gone?

Get active and join up or lose the lot!

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1 Response

  1. Michelle K says:

    I’m in Dan. Emailed you