Nautical Petroleum/Encore Oil. Mammon speaks!

The City of London skyline as viewed toward th...

Charnel houses of London

The share price of these two beauties have started to consolidate/firm up.

The signals coming from the city of London will in my opinion get stronger and stronger. As each day goes by Encore’s sp has gradually increased i expect that there will be a continual slow creep up here as news on Catcher and Cladhan begins to filter out through the usual channels.

Nautical’s sp has certainly began to move in the right direction as we reach the half-way point of the Kraken drill,which i understand is currently ahead of schedule and going well, Catcher will certainly add more value here. If you recall some time back several of the posts on here were recommending these two as terrific buys. Since then Encore has steadily risen to 80p from 55p. Nautical has risen to 168p from the mid 130’s. As always try to look a few weeks ahead and not at the trades minute by minute set your targets firmly and stick to your entry points and exit targets.

The worship of Mammon

The Worship of Mammon

Expect re-ratings on both companies as greedy brokerages try to claim credit for the gains that were trumpeted on here months ago.

The way Encore are heading is very pleasing and in my opinion 100p is more than likely a wee bit on the low side given the potential upside in sp from Cladhan/Catcher oip.

Similarly Nauticals rise towards the 200p target is now looking ever more likely a tad low. Kraken/Catcher news should see a spike through the 250p/300p upper in-house targets secretly set in the London charnel houses of Mammon.

These are interesting times for the above companies. Privateers are known to be chomping at the bit awaiting news. Once any confirmation is released vis-a-vis Nautical/Encore then there will be a surge in investment as PI’s try to get in as the spike rises.

The play has now been firmly set, a drama is about to unfold; hold your nerve and watch them go; the final fence is fast approaching and the finishing line is well within sight. To use a well worn phrase “You’ve got to be in it to WIN IT!


As always please seek professional advice before investing these are my personal views.

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  1. FTAlphaville says:

    Congratulations Dan.
    A truely inspiring blog.
    One of the best Financial blogs i’ve ever had the pleasure of subscribing to. Love the Mammon picture/epistle.
    Friends of mine reckon they know who you are, Hemscott ring any bells?

    Keep it up you are becoming a real internet sensation.


  2. Stallionman says:

    Dan can you let us know as soon as you here about any RNS alerts

  3. iiicaptain says:

    Well theyre at it again on iii Danny claiming credit for being the first to spot these oil companies.Mutual back slapping each other i’m laughing mysen silly there a fickle lot on iii. with short term memory problems. They all steal your info then try to use it for there own street cred.

    Well done son you are a true warrior for the little guy.

    Once again Danny you have excelled streets ahead of the rest of us mere mortals.

    I was just wondering dan any other stocks your researching?


    • Bono says:

      Yeah any thing in the pipeline on any other good investments out there ((for research purposes only)) let us know.

      Top Blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. brownie says:

    Just when will we get the news on cladhan catcher and kraken Dan/

    I am holding from 59p mainly due to looking into them after reading your articules.
    should i take some profit or let them roll?