News International. NATIONAL BOYCOTT.

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News International. New company logo!

I couldn’t let the day pass without a few choice comments on the disgusting revelations that News International hacked the phones of murdered school children deleting Milly Dowlers messages so that they could get new information for stories/copy. Hacking the mobile telephones of the Soham victims parents is sickening. Journalists have been at it for years hacking into phones and back-handing sources including Police Officers. There has to be a full enquiry into these practices and heads such as Rebecca Brooks/Wade and Coulson need to be brought to account. It is criminal. To actually delete messages on a murdered childs mobile telephone (giving false hope to their families) not only hampers Police enquiries but shows that News International is not fit for purpose. Politicians are now feigning surprise it’s been well-known around Westminster for years! Another bunch of corrupt officials, who previously had their tongues up the arse of Murdoch, are now DENOUNCING THE PRACTICE, tongue scrapers are hastily being traded in the corridors of power!  The Distress caused to these poor families is absolutely horrific. News International IS ROTTEN TO THE CORE. I shall be cancelling my Sky subscription. In-fact  A National Boycott is needed. Shocking!



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  1. Katy Blue says:

    Lovely choice of photo! Lol

  2. Katy Blue says:

    Lovely choice of photo! Matches description just fine

  3. nigpig says:

    I could not agree more with the regard to this boycott! I had exactly this conversation with someone earlier, and I suggested we should cancel sky forthwith, but it needs to be a national campaign! So let’s go, this needs legs big time. Just horrific!


  4. AC says:

    The police and maybe even the free masons perhaps have a lot to answer for here too. How corruption continues to exist in our modern police force beggars belief.

  5. miopus says:

    Disgusting – but Metropolitan Police seems to be corrupt as well.

    When I need a good dose of hollow laughter I just think about the Police’s new P.C. Marketing – “Our Priority is You” – which we’re paying for.