ZincOx Resources. One to watch,

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ZincOx. One to watch!

Now here’s a company that most investors have probably never heard of, Zincox Resources are heavily investing in South Korea at present they have a huge project under development in Korea where the company has 10 year EAFD supply agreements covering approximately 400,000 tonnes per annum. It is being developed in two equal phases. Phase 1 development commenced in November 2010 and it is scheduled for production in the first quarter of 2012 recycling Zinc from Electric Arc Furnace Dust or EAFD which contains concentrations of zinc typically ranging from 18%/25%. The development of Phase 2 has just been recosted down from $146 million dollars to $100 million dollars. Additionally the company also own the Big River Zinc smelter in the USA and a 52% share of the Jabali mine, in Yemen. The Big River Zinc smelter is on care and maintenance but upgrading of recycled materials is being undertaken on behalf of third parties. Development of the Jabali mine commenced in 2008 but site work has been substantially cut back since the withdrawal of debt finance provided by a group of hedge funds in October 2009 who basically became concerned about the stability of Yemen. The refinancing of the development is under discussion with a number of interested parties. The beauty of this is that this EAFD (dust) is free and if memory serves me right the cost of transporting it is met by the steel producers. The company are currently under-going scrutiny from several Brokers and Hedge funds who are rumoured to be once again showing interest. The Zincox strategy is to become a Global leader in Zinc recycling/sales. 90% of their projected revenue will come from Zinc while 10% will come from Pig Iron. Zincox are basing their estimates on a Zinc price of $2250 per metric tonne and $450 per metric tonne for the Iron.  There’s been some movement in the share -price over the last 6/9 months and that movement is continuing its to be remembered that the sp has in 2008 traded at 400p; before the Global meltdown. They are building their Korean plant on time and more importantly on budget. The work-force in Korea are excellent and the country as a whole is a great place to be located for Zinc recycling. Korea Zinc have various tie ins with Zincox one of which is a 10 year agreement to purchase all Phase 1 zinc produced this is mutually beneficial to both parties. All the product that Zincox will produce is as we speak already being tied up. They are a small company with big plans to corner the Global market and are fully focused with a Board that has and is working wonders in this field. It’s virtually a green technology that takes extremely hazardous waste and converts it back to zinc with a small amount of Pig Iron. It’s akin to a James Bond Movie; “Having demonstrated every aspect of the project in Phase 1 of the KRP, the company intends rolling out this technology in other parts of the world, and considerable progress has been made in Thailand, Turkey and the USA. It is ZincOx’s ambition to become the largest recycler of EAFD and therefore zinc in the world”.  I wont spoil it for all you Private Investors as there’s much more to the company so get researching them they will certainly rise over the next 6-12 months.



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  1. JULIE says:

    Hi Dan – Do you have any information on Kea Petroleum?

    • Brokerman says:

      Are they drilling at the moment. Hoadleys? No news Yet. Kea are currently off the radar due too slowness of progression.


  2. bren says:

    Zincox has just been tipped by RHPS, Im gonna give it a while, watch this over the next few months. Pi’s always seem to get too excited and jump in on the huge spikes, and then moan when were 50% down in a week.

    • wayne says:

      Did someone get the same copy of RHPS as I did???? 🙂

      Nice one Dan, thanks for sharing it out there for everybody else

  3. quincy says:

    Hi Dan, quick follow up to Julie’s question. Any time horizon on Kea? I have been taking a peak at this on as well…