Gulf Keystone. Market chatter.

Oil and gas pipelines in the Middle-East

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The recent surge in punters favourite GKP could very well be in response to gathering expectation of yet MORE oil discoveries. As of yet unconfirmed reports are circulating here in the city that more oil is likely to be hit. Market chatter is very favourable at the moment as we await an update on the GKP rags to riches story.

Market chatter of possible fund-raising at a previously unthought of level is certainly being seen here as a plus and in no way a brake on the sp. Expected oil revenues from test production sales  will further increase the sp as this will have a material effect on the GKP business model moving closer to production on Shaikan.  Targets and analysis are now known to be “ongoing” with a view to the massive potential in an sp spike if more oil discoveries are confirmed.

A reading of the current hikes in sp coupled with knowledge of what the market is now edging toward would suggest to me that 200p is a FOREGONE conclusion.

Good Luck


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  1. lobo says:

    I take it you have bought back in then?

    • Brokerman says:

      Where on this Blog does it state i have sold?
      I have never stated any thing of the sort.
      Perpetuating rumours or believing internet board comments will only lead to you making investing mistakes.
      If you had properly researched this point you would not be posting such as the above.

      Good Luck


      • lobo says:

        Well it transpires that the biggest “investing mistake” I could have made would have been to sell after “believing internet board comments” like your sensationalised “Gulf Keystone. There is a war raging here.”?

        Good luck to you too,

        • Brokerman says:

          Where do you get the sensationalised from?
          It is and has been well documented by leading city analysts that there is a war raging in Iraq. It is obvious that you along with other Private investors can not look at a stock in the round. A common mistake made by hobby investors.
          Lobo when you research a stock you should always be objective and honest highlighting the good points and ALSO any bad points! A sure fire way to get caught with your trousers down is to ignore a war torn country’s problems vis-a-vis a company that is investing in a volatile region!

          Luck has nothing to do with it on my part. Research is the key to all good investment.


  2. Mr Oil Man says:

    No **** BMD! State the bleedin obvious!

  3. womble says:

    thanks for the information – i bought into them a little while ago and have enjoyed watching them climb.

  4. Mark says:

    Hi Dan
    With your contacts are you able to see if any RNS expected this week on GKP the price movements suggests good news is on the way.
    All the very best

  5. Mark says:

    Dan can I also say regardless of your reply many thanks for sharing your thoughts and knowledge with us PI`s its helped me grow my portfolio by 400% in the last two years.

  6. lobo says:

    Where do you get the sensationalised from?

    Maybe I made the common hobby investor mistake when I saw the dark clouds over Iraq graphic together with the 7 year old battle pictures, or it could have been the overly long list of links to repetitive articles with attention grabbing headlines.

    I do agree with you on one point, research should be objective and honest. Sadly I did not see anything in that blog that took a balanced view between the tragic problems in Iraq compared to the relatively peaceful stability enjoyed in Kurdistan.
    A region that the UN have chosen for a Peace Festival, “Erbil was selected to host the event in Iraq due to its stability and good security, the statement said.”

    • Brokerman says:

      Unfortunately Lobo Kurdistan, contrary to internet board myth, is firmly in Iraq and is indeed part of Iraq. It is NOT an independent state as governed by the strictures of the Hague or any other internationally recognized organization.
      You quite rightly point out that the “battle pic’s” are 7 years old but as you well know there are “battle pic’s” published online and world -wide every day from Iraq. The post you talk about is a very fair and honest interpretation of why GKP are not trading at 500p. War in whatever form will ALWAYS EFFECT BUSINESS. To continually refuse to accept against ALL the empirical evidence and data from world wide geo-political analysis that every thing is hunky dory in Iraq and that Kurdistan is in some way a million miles away from the insurgency just because you need to believe that your investment there is 100% safe smacks of The Emperor with no clothes.
      The peace conference in Erbil is a sham it will be heavily securitised by armed soldiers. Rather like staging a disease control conference in a leper colony

      Question for you Lobo. What happens when a bomb detonates on an oil pipeline in Iraq?

      Answer. Security in all oil fields is instantly tightened including Kurdistan.
      God forbid the insurgency manages to break through the security in Kurdistan and believe me there have been some very close calls!
      I am pointing out to you that you should always research your investments “warts and all!” And not be driven by maniacal rantings onchat boards. IE: Think for your self!

      Good Luck


      • lobo says:

        I can assure you that I have analysed the risk factors associated with GKP and there are many, much more informed BB associates that have rationally debated this subject endlessly. In their investor presentations GKP have always appended a Risk Awareness page drawing attention the security issues. So I don’t think anyone can be excused for being ignorant of the political hot bed.

        However you must agree that there are many oil companies operating in high risk areas. In the Middle East its not just places like Iraq and Yemen, “safe” regions like Kuwait and Saudi Arabia are also subject to terrorist attacks. Nigeria, Chad, Sudan and even Venezuela are also targets of unrest.

        Share dealing always has a risk element and we are naturally attracted to the high risk/reward investments …thats why we are in GKP.
        Anyway while we have been chatting, the sp has closed at a record high and if I may be permitted to say so , (imo) with much more to come!

      • Andalus says:

        Seriously, what on earth does “heavily securitised” mean. You making things up again Dan? No doubt this will be moderated wth another lie about my ip address.

        • Brokerman says:

          Listen Andalus if you wont to post on here and have some input then i suggest you reign in your language implied accusations of lieing will not be tolerated.

          Oxford English dictionary may help you. Buy one!

          * Email
          * Cite

          * Text size: A
          * A

          Print options: Example sentences Synonyms Categories
          securitise (se¦curi|tize)

          * On
          * Off

          Pronunciation:/sɪˈkjʊərɪtʌɪz, sɪˈkjɔːrɪtʌɪz/
          (also securitise)
          [with object] (often as adjective securitised)

          *Derivatives securitised; an area heavily fortified

          convert (an asset, especially a loan) into marketable securities, typically for the purpose of raising cash by selling them to other investors:the use of securitized debt as a major source of corporate finance

          Derivatives securitised; an area heavily fortified. Safe. Secure. Made safe.


    • joseph says:

      lobo,oh come off it and get real do you really think that any part of iraq is totally safe from insurgent attack? Dan is correct to point out the risks in a worn torn country.

      • lobo says:

        I don’t think I said that Joseph, and a silly question deserves a silly reply…

        Let me ask you, do think any part of Europe is safe from terrorist attack?

        • miopus says:

          Having researched a lot of the 9/11 information, the answer to that question is “No”.

          It is a pity that people forget so quickly what terrorists are capable of, or brush it under the carpet because they don’t really want to upset themselves about the true facts.

  7. LT says:

    Daniel, appreciate this is for GKP however how can i communicate with you re Matra Petroleum?

  8. Investorsyd says:

    Listen Andarse why dont you push off coming on here with ya snide comments. Do one goon.

    Dan get rid of this nobjockey block the punk.

    Great tips ive had from you long may it continue am lookin at Baltic terminals.
    Cheers for the RKH duster info on ernest sold + bought back in on the drop pleased as punch.


    • Margic21 says:

      Hi Dan. I have often found your post both helpfull honest, and covered well. Great tip’s followed by correct market sentiment, and good insight as where to look in the research process.

      I am amazed however that Beacon Hill Resource’s has never been mentioned by yourself or many others. Am I missing something? Or have I spotted something. Personally I’m researched up to my eye balls. So nothing said will change my outlook or position in the company. If possible, can you sometime post an opinion on this company? I value your opinion and thought’s/ source’s. Many thanks in advance.