Xcite Bouncing up. Where are the Banshees now?

Ghost guardians

Just a quick note here on a personal level. It’s great to see this share-price in full recovery  and hopefully Private Investors have held on through the wobble of course it’s got absolutely nothing to do with this Blog just as the recent fall from grace had nothing to do with the Blog. The abuse that piled up in the spam filter from several pathetic individuals who tried to apportion blame to the Blog for keeping Xcite on our favoured company list was nothing short of disgraceful. When stocks take a dive we here don’t turn on Investors blaming others, we quietly go about our business keeping our powder dry. I hope those individuals (And you know who you are) have a real good rethink on their behaviour, shameful as it was, and realise that quality will always win through in the end! That’s why this Blog gets tens of thousands of hits every week and can punch above its weight when it comes to sourcing information. Xcite were always going to bounce up unfortunately some just never did the maths! preferring instead to scream like a banshee!


El Daniel!

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  1. Dave Heaven says:

    Great Post , It was always going to recover and will carry on upwards. Dave

  2. ChangFai says:

    What happened to Roxi Petroleums place on your most favoured list ?

  3. James says:

    Abuse is largely irrelevant and to an extent inevitable when using the Internet. Although your sensitivity to it was a major reason why I and a few others actually started paying attention to your blog – someone whose simply in it for their own ends, wouldn’t have been so outraged…

    More to the point though – I’ve spoken to quite a few about XEL and there’s a lot of conflicting opinions regarding recoverability of heavy oil (still despite the flow test). Despite having a lot invested in XEL (only share I own) I do have my doubts about it’s success being guaranteed. Obviously after canvassing your contacts you share none of these. And I hope you are right.

    Dave Heaven – nothing in life is inevitable….I’m afraid. In fact even the slightest hiccup from the US (deficit) could send stocks into free fall again. Just a view. Let’s hope the Q3/Q4 are more smooth affairs…

    • Stevie says:

      James if you have conflicting reports or info on any companies ability to lift heavy crude then with respect you are talking to the wrong people. I’ve analysed the board experts, talk to several brokers daily ( 2 work small cap desks for leading M’s)….none of them have a clue about the industry and glean their info from what cmpanies have eventually decided to release to main market.

      Ref US deficit, yes a worry…..larger concern however is China. Output and GDP figs have been seriously massaged, industry on a slow down now which will effect purchase/consumption of raw materials….miners depend on China continuing its bull run, miners start to go , we all follow. US can be balanced , China can’t!

      • James says:

        Stevie – I’m willing to concede I’ve been speaking to the wrong people. They aren’t brokers thou and they aren’t from the share chat boards. If you have specific exploration knowledge, be interested in your views.

        Agree (to an extent) on China although the short term news flow is dominated by the US deficit issue now. Unlikely to be a issue, (fingers crossed) but any short-term (technical) default there will send tremors through the whole system.

  4. The Proper Alex says:

    Im not knocking the service you provide at all, but we all should have focused on the Director buys as a bit of a trigger.
    Not surprisingly the city had started to recact to the buys before the PIs even knew.
    Also, some focus should surely also be on the govenment increasing the “ring fenced expedature supplement” (REFS), which was a further trigger for todays rise
    I lost a lot of money on this stock, and it is good to see my un-stopped-out investments recovering. But looking back investors should not just angry at any de-rampers who surfaced at during the fall, but also remeber the BoD who had some rather ill-timed sells (which in part aided the start of the fall), and seemingly have some very well timed buys.
    We cant knock the buys now, as they are helping the recovery, but could the BoD not have helped us investors at the time with some buys?
    Or just not sold before their Delayed report (which was initially planned to be the CPR, but came out as the RAR)
    Also have they filled their boots on knowledge that the government would increase the REFS?

    Also, huge blame on many north sea oil companies SP dips must be on George Osbourne. After promising not to touch the north sea oil tax….he did…….then it was questioned as it was going to REDUCE money in to the economy through north sea oil (as overall investment/spending/production/profit would be reduced)……and now he is very subtely putting in allowances which is slowly causing a lot of companies to be exempt from the raised tax……as he may have noticed he made a mistake.
    Voters will see the tax increase, the economy will see little .
    But in the mean time PI’s see a fall and GO see’s a rise in popularity from anyone not invested in north sea.
    (also did anyone notice his claim that it would not filter through to the taxpayer…….followed soon after by the 19% increase in gas prices?)

    Again, as I said, this is not a de-ramp, as I have a majority of my (reduced size) portfolio in XEL and am happy to see it coming back. XEL is worth more than its current SP (£2.20), and if you managed to hold through the tough times, well done.
    I’m just a bit bitter about the causes……but this could stem from me being taught a lesson on not being overleveraged!

    Viva the XEL comeback.

  5. DD says:

    Almost bailed on this one at a loss, so glad I didn’t!
    I would also appreciate you thoughts on Roxi now. Cheers

  6. robert says:

    dan+ got plenty but got banned for telling the truth/ regards robert

  7. Nibor says:

    Much appreciated your comments on NTOG, Dan. Any update now regarding North River (NRRP), please? Thanks!