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Had an awful lot of emails asking about JSG in the favoured companies menu.

They’re a decent little company that have gone through the mill over the last 2 years or so. At one point they came very close to liquidation but they have re-financed and moved over to the AIM sold off assets and recruited well.

John Talbot is their top man he’s a turnaround specialist from Kroll Talbot Hughes, and is slowly bringing them back on the radar. Their debt reduction is amazing now down to approx’ 60 million (at one point it was running at over 240 million) pounds. They’re never going to do any thing astounding but crawl along for the next few years.  They do pay a little Divi and one gets discount vouchers for the old whistle and flute. All in all I have a small holding in them. Got them at 8p and 11p etc. Oh they are expecting a big tax rebate of about 7 million pounds which will certainly be well received by the markets and it should (will) help to off-set the rather poor trading that has been reported as of late, mostly due to the bad weather.

Results out in March 2011.  Slow burner low risk stock.


Hope that helps.






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  1. ABZ says:

    Thanks Danny Boi!!!
    I am not in this one but Good Luck to all investors who are holding this one.
    Good Nite

  2. MPS says:

    Good info Dan.

    Got a small holding in JSG but never look much at it as nothing much happens!

    Got a larger holding in OTC which i got into after a lot of research and the usual PI ‘gut feeling’ .Any thoughts as ive followed your excellent blog fro a while but never seen a mention?.Any insight would be most welcome.

    Keep up the good work!!!


  3. Ann Chance says:

    thank you Daniel. This company appears to be a little conservative. I remember them as Dry Cleaners many years ago when we used to pop out and have our dresses dry cleaned in the 1950s!! I am looking and trying to work out why Woburn Energy rose 33% yesterday. They too seem to have done very little. Do you suspect news?

  4. Jay says:

    Hi Dan, what are your views on GMA Resource? is this a long term good company to invest in?