Email Subscription=Access to Passwords

An example of a one-time pad.


I’ve noticed that whenever I post a protected article the email subscription list increases. As investors sign-up for the passwords. You can’t get the passwords after signing up you need to be signed up before. Unfortunately I just cannot respond personally to every email requesting the passwords. We can get hundreds of emails all basically along the same theme; ” Dan, I’ve signed up for the Blog can you please now send me the password for the RKH article etc etc” every time we post a protected article! On top of that there are also the investor emails and subscriber queries which we try to answer. These alone run into several hundred per week. I am actually always fighting an uphill battle. I do try to get help when possible but usually it’s a tad Heath-Robinson hence the new site where I will actually employ some help. So if you need the passwords you can trawl the chatrooms or get them instantly at the same time as everybody else via subscription. It’s easy really just subscribe to the email! This way you’ll be helping me and when the new site goes live you’ll all receive preferential status! There will be a discount code for all Blog subscribers!

Hope that answers the questions re’ the passwords



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