OILEX Quick update. Big spike?

Spike (Tom y Jerry)

Hold for BIG SPIKE!

Looking very good here. Stock is in demand. Rumours of order filling circulating. Information is insider knowledge may be leaking.  It’s a carve up!

Mid price plus being offered at the moment. They are strong on the buy side. Delayed trades are being pushed through slowly. These trades are buys made to look like sells.


Hold your stock. The pressure will force through a spike. 50p and beyond is a real possibility this week!

Good news is whispered.





Hold for news





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No Responses

  1. ABZ says:

    Thanks DAN.
    I am looking forward to seeing that 😀
    HOLA!!! 😀 VIVA 😀

  2. Barnstonpickle says:

    Great call Dan. Up 25%. Things are hotting up methinks1

    Keep us all posted mate. got them ‘@23.45p some time back after your 1st post.
    Many thanks .
    Have checked out the penny share ads as a thank you
    Clicked on the ads as a thanks!

  3. bobbyshafto says:

    watch CAD tomorrow. Record volume today and chatter around is a bidder wants to do friendly business.

  4. Richard says:

    Proverbs 21:20

  5. Chris says:

    Think you need to write something quick dan re the oex rns. Strange rns. Says no known reason for increase and yet then gives six reasons.

  6. Joseph says:

    V strange rns today listing 6 reasons for the rise ? They normally just briefly say “we know no reason for the rise ” wot goin on ??

  7. Glen says:

    Hi Dan could we have a little note on this mornings move, is it just background noise and MM trying to shake tree?

  1. 10 January, 2011

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Pollensa. Pollensa said: RT @BrokermanDaniel: OILEX Quick update. Big spike?: http://t.co/fABmrkd […]