Petroneft Resource. One to watch?

We get an awful lot of emails asking among other things if there are any companys that Private Investors could research and check out.

If there’s one that I am certainly watching it’s Petroneft Resource which I personally think has been hugely over-cooked by the doom and gloom soothe-sayers, bearing in mind that they are actually producing 2500 bopd and will certainly add to the bopd this year/early next year. Disappointment among brokers and privateers regarding missed bopd targets coupled with the prevailing Global uncertainty has certainly added to the fall. However I like the company and urge readers to watch-list and research.



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  1. Dennis says:


    Can you give us an update on RRL? What’s the COS for the first Georgian Drill to be spud next week? This share had been falling for this whole month.