Oilex a Genie and a Bottle?

I Dream of Genie (The Twilight Zone)

The Genie is out!


Todays RNS ;

(RE: ASX PRICE AND VOLUME QUERY)  has been generated by requests from 10 Paternoster Square as to the recent share price rise over the last week. When an sp spikes or volatile trading patterns pop up then the powers that be are aware. Usually.

Todays RNS is nothing more than a response to a regulatory request. It’s run of the mill and one can learn more re’ the RNS system and how it operates by googling “The Transparency Directive  (London stock exchange)20 January 2007 ”

It’s interesting to note that OILEX have stated thus “The Company has no specific explanation for the recent price and volume change.”

They then go on to, as many have emailed and commented on, to state the last 6 company news releases. The Genie is out of the bottle here and Oilex are trying to put it back! They know and I know and you now know that it is a carve up! OILEX have sat on the sidelines while their sp has risen from approx’ 12p right up to 35p over the last 3 months a quadrupling of value. 30Million shares have been issued to “sophisticated and professional investors” at a price of 20p, 4Million share options have been issued in a related party interest, News  leaked in the Indian press as to where the Cambay asset is heading. Do not be fooled by the OILEX shenanigans, smoke and mirrors  there has been some very sharp business conducted behind the scenes here regarding options and sophisticated types!

Hold your stock!


La Daniel!

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No Responses

  1. ABZ says:

    Thanks Dan for yout time and effort!
    Holding my stock tight!!!

  2. rbarton says:

    Dan……. I am holding on to my shares in oilex!
    Don t know if AURELIAN have made the mother of all gas finds
    in the Siekierki fields ??


  3. Joseph says:

    Yep Somethin goin on oz up 5% last day and no big sell off here , those that know more than me have bought and are holding tight . Thanks for the update

  4. Aj says:

    Keep an eye on Aurelian Oil & Gas.

    Aurelian Oil & Gas recently ‘successfully’ completed their first Siekierki Multi Fracced Horizontal Well and encountered a massive 1378.5 metres of Gas. They are currently undertaking a potential 10 stage fracture stimulation on the well which is one of their major assets.

    The share price is currently up nearly 15% which can only be described as highly positive so potentially a leak of news. An update is due this month/soon and also the drilling of their Trzek-3 well.

    The company are fully funded for a major 18 well drilling campaign and 2011 looks to be the most exciting year in the company’s history. Of note both Lord Sainsbury and George Soros are shareholders.

    I expect great things from AUL over the coming weeks and months.


  5. Diddy says:

    Is the price there at now a good price to buy in at?? im new to the market and very interested!

    thanks for your patience

  6. This one looks interesting … But I don’t think it’s going to be the next Gkp

  7. ntd says:

    Thanks for blowing the lid on this company. They were rising nicely… without the inference of the P&D brigade I may add The company has now delayed the RNS to protect themselves from the FSA and as a result, all the hot money has gone – leaving me 2K down. Seriously gutted.

    You pays your money, you takes your choice.

    Do you have any more updates on this one Dan?

  8. Stu says:

    Dan the man

    Is there any update on this company?
    starting to panic :s


  9. jay says:

    Hi Dan

    What are your thoughts on III discussion forum where everybody is saying that you mentioned this company to raise the price and then sell yours. I have full faith in your research. We allwant you you to say something.

    • Brokerman says:

      I don’t have any thoughts on it.
      I post opinion based on real time information and research. I high-lighted Oilex when they were 12p giving a personal opinion of where the stock should be headed. It is currently up aprox 200% and is widely recognised within the market as being well under-value at this present time. If people expect that a blog can push any stock 200% then they are sadly mistaken. Oilex are trending up on their 3 month chart. Wait for Cambay