Premier Oil. Time to part company?

Premier Oil

Ready to sell!

Premier oil! What a month it’s been.

With a stock value that has been increasingly focused on by the markets here in London. Premier Oil are set to break £20 once again yes that’s twenty pounds.

Only as recently as 2009 they were changing hands at a lowly 7/8 pounds which even then some were thinking was just too high an entry point in a global meltdown. Currently they are on track for a 5 year high with takeover rumours, asset sales, ongoing oil discoveries and new licence awards. Director buys, institutional investors etc  Premier have got the lot.

The management is a shining example of how an oil E+P  company should be run. I do have stock here and have held through thick and thin always concentrating on the fundamentals and good management practice when I have been tempted to sell. Keeping the focus while all around you are going mad can and does pay. My medium term investment here has certainly paid in spades and my target for sale is fast approaching  the question is do I hold or do I sell after the sp target is reached? Answers on a postcard blah blah blah!


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No Responses

  1. apur says:

    Any news on BMR??

  2. Joseph says:

    Thats an easy one sell and get into xel now you have spare funds .

    • apur says:

      Too dangerous to have all your eggs in one nest……… isn’t it?????
      Think about bad anything can happen?????
      I have half of my investment there in XEL so can not take the risk with full.

  3. LT says:

    Peter Hind & Neil Hodgson should have stayed at Premier Oil!!
    It would have been more lucrative than Matra.
    Any update Dan?

    • Brokerman says:

      Can’t get anything from the company the shutters are down at Matra.
      Market sensitivity being quoted to me. Usual company line.


      • Lt says:

        They only have 3 weeks to be awarded the license Dan. Considering we have been waiting over a year it would appear that Matra are running out of time unless a) the PL is awarded or b) they get another extension.
        From my understanding after the technical hitch a couple of weeks ago if A13 is not on production this week I would assume there to be larger problems with the well.

  4. romski says:

    you don’t have to sell all buddy, leave 25% for the benefit of hindsight

  5. BoLtBlUe says:

    Always sell when you reach your target! Then buy some DPL! Big things on the cards for next year!


  6. Doug says:

    I feel they have a little more to give. – A hold from me.


  7. 13thMonkey says:

    lol Dan, you asking us numpties for advice? 😉

    Why not halve out- still in for future gains, and free up some funds for other investments, oh and a bit to put in the Aston Martin fund…

  8. miopus says:

    Take some profit.

  9. Ludovico says:

    Any news on CAZA Oil & Gas Dan? So little is said of them here, care to share the blogs opinion?

  10. oliviaxanadu says:

    Sorry SELL £20

  11. Alex says:

    I can’t seem to comment on the Encore Oil……….what do you think on the Olympic Poseidon and Sea Lynx movements Dan?
    Coinsidence or are the cogs turning once more?

    Prehaps you have a new place to stick your Premier Oil money?

    -damn XEL’s delays, I am too “cash” skint to cover EO at the moment.