Exposed: Volant Services LTD, Total Market Shite & Chesterfield Resources. What’s the connection? Fess Up!

Secret Payments

The Chesterfield Resources (LON: CHF) Pump & Dump isn’t going well. Apparently there’s been hundreds of abusive tweets and voiced over videos containing language that would warrant a sectioning under the mental health act. This is par for the course when it comes to The Runcorn Troll, an ex sewage worker who operates under the guise of Doc Holiday the infamous gunslinger from the wild west. Doc Holiday is in actual fact an internet troll who’s real name is Mr Michael Whitlow who operates out of a Santander mortgaged, small semi-detached property some-where in the environs of Runcorn Cheshire. What’s Mr Whitlow trying to hide? What’s all this abuse, the ravings of desperation? Could it be the £94,000 in secret payments taken up to year end September 2018? Yes folks the ‘gunslinger’ just like one of his erstwhile posse members, Mr Leon Hogan, has been trousering cash from companies on the quiet, through Volant Services

Unbeknown to most people Mr Whitlow runs a paper company called Volant Services (VSL). There’s no office, no Secretary, No telephone, No employees, it’s a paper shell registered out of a post address 20-22 Wenlock Rd, London, England, N1 7GU Volant was specifically formulated to take secret payments from companies and ‘Promote’ organisers’. And that’s where the £94,000 has come from. Most of that money, if not all, has come from companies that Mr Whitlow & Mr Burton of Total Market Shite, ramp to fook on a daily basis. Payments have been made either directly or in-directly and funnelled through Total Market Shite into the pocket of Mr Whitlows ‘Volley’ Volant. That’s a 100% fact.

Those who follow the markets will recall an RNS, several weeks ago, from Management Resources (Lon: MRS). In that RNS it was announced that a Mr Leon Hogan, another well known Pump & Dumper, had been in receipt of payments made by MRS. Mr Hogan has since ‘left the building‘, (Social Media) deleting his twitter and BB chat accounts. Mr Hogan vehemently denied such skulduggery until MRS was forced to ‘fess up’. Hogan was and probably still is working with Mr Whitlow & Mr Burton on the Chesterfield Resources P&D.

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Of course this will be denied by the two varmints. Hogan was heavily involved with their Chesterfield Ramps. In fact there are 100s upon 100s, if not 1,000s of tweets & retweets ramping CHF between them. These are paid for tweets. Paid for by Chesterfield Resources (LON: CHF) who have made payments to TMS, Mr Burton and Mr Whitlow.

The reason P&Ders go into meltdown is thus: If you Scream and scream as loud as you can, hopefully the mugs that follow and have been suckered into actually sucking up the horseshit, don’t ask awkward questions. It’s better to deflect away from piss poor paper ‘mining frauds‘ than actually address what it would cost to open a copper mine in Cyprus? Or where the £200,000,000 minimum is going to come from. Or better still why BHP Biliton or any other Major ‘Real’ mining company aren’t banging down the doors of the Greek Cypriot mining ministry? The ‘Cyprus copper riches beyond your wildest ‘screams” (Geddit?) with added ‘Gold bonanza’ inferences is a tall tale being used to sucker Mug Punters into a fantasy that would make an FCA regulated financial adviser crack up in fits of laughter.

Chesterfield announced that as of December last year they had £1.8M in cash & cash equivalents. Apart from the fact that this is a pitiful amount of cash as of 5 months ago, that cash will have significantly been eroded as of today. Their cash burn is thus: Year end 2017 they had £1,184,424. They then raised £2,000,000 via suspension and new prospectus, as of five months ago they booked £1,885,726. In 2018 they spent £1,298,698. Extrapolating this on a six monthly basis they are spunking away £650,000 per half year. Their cash position as of today is either just over or just under £1,000,000. They simply do not have the cash to progress any mining. Mining by it’s very nature is Capital Intensive, costing 10s of millions of pounds at the ‘paper stage’. Actual physical mining costs £100s of millions of pounds. That’s a fact.

In my last ‘Rip’ of this corporate boiler room, I asked the Company to clarify their cash position. Today I’m asking Chesterfield Resources, David Burton and Michael Whitlow to fess up and answer these questions.

Answers Needed!

1/ How much money has Chesterfield Resources paid to Total Market Shite? 2/ How much money from CHF, has TMS paid Volant Services? 3/ How much money has TMS paid directly to Mr Whitlow? 4/ How much money has Chesterfield Resources paid to Volant Services? 5/ Has Chesterfield paid directly or in directly through TMS, Mr Whitlows expenses to jaunt off to Cyprus? 6/ Where has the £94,000 came from in Volant Services? 7/ What is the financial arrangement between Volant, Chesterfield and TMS? 8/ How much in total has Mr Burton/TMS paid to Volant Services? 9/ Why has there been no acknowledgement of (secret) payments to a well known Pump & Dumper? 10/ Are Chesterfield aware of the rules & regulations regarding disclosure of paid promotions on social media? If so, will Chesterfield now disclose those payments?

The Runcorn Troll: Mr Whitlows’ Secret Payments

The Runcorn Troll, has been peppering social media with lies, deceits, abuse and downright ridiculous claims, not just on CHF, but many, many other companies. Secret payments have been made. Mr Whitlow now has an opportunity to ‘fess up’. Before the FCA regulators force Chesterfield & TMS to fully disclose. He can do this by releasing the Volant bank statements which will contain the source/s of £94,000 in payments he has taken directly & in-directly in cash & warrant packages from companies, while deliberately hiding the source/s of those funds/warrants. Full Disclosure!

The lies being spun by the ‘copper cowboy’ remind me of another one of his ‘famous’ mining P&Ds. Come on down Sunrise Resources. Let me just add this. The sun never rose on Sunrise Resources…. Or indeed, Keras Resources, Regency mines, Jangada or Red Rock Resources ad infinitum….. There’s a pattern there if you care to look, or basically every single Company that these P&Ders ramp. The louder they scream the more they are deflecting their own fears into their own echo chambers. It’s called reflecting. The more abusive they get the more fear they carry.

Come Spend Your Money Here!

Cyprus isn’t a copper nirvana, neither is it a gold rush town. There are hundreds of toxic played out mines there. That’s it. End of. But as all Pump & Dumps proceed, you can be sure that the talking up (Ramping) of piss poor £8k licences will start to include the word ‘Gold’. The cash position of CHF is critical and they have to get their SP up so that they can raise money from the Mugs. If their SP is too low they will suspend and submit yet another prospectus to relist. They did that within months of IPO and they will have to do that again. It’s a question of time. That’s a fact. There will be placings upon placings speckled with vulture financing over the life span of Chesterfield, eventually the board will ‘move on’ and another outfit will move in. That’s how CHF will run. It’s the modus operandi of all P&D lifestyle companies on the AIM and on the Standard Market.

The Company are telling the mugs that they don’t need money. Yet CHF are at the 121 mining forum in South Africa. That’s an event where the company pay £12,000 to ‘Pitch’ for cash. This company is up to its neck in deliberate manipulation of its share-price in-order to get away a placing at a higher level. Paying a ‘mentally deranged idiot’, who self-promotes himself as a ‘Gunslinger’ and a well known failed corporate (Mr Burton) who was booted out of Redmayne Bentley (Brokerage), booted out of Vox Markets and has the honour of holding the shortest Directorship (Harvest Minerals) in the history of the London Stock Market when he was again ‘booted‘ off the board! (More of which in my next expose).

If there were 16,000,000 tonnes of recoverable copper in two plays on Cyprus then every major mining outfit would’ve rocked up there many years ago. That’s a fact. Check it out. It’s easy…. Or just keep taking the word of Total Market Shite and his trusty ‘turdslinger’

All of the above needs to be answered particularly where the money in Volant Services LTD has come from? Because it’s not all come from Chesterfield Resources…… Has it Mr Whitlow? It’s time to confess all and release the full Volant Services Accounts, receipts, bank statements, individual payments and all itemised Ins & Outs…. Because you the mugs are paying this fookers Santander mortgage LOL!!!

Gauge the effect of ‘The Power Of Dan’ in direct proportion to the amount of filthy, vile, cowardly abuse screamed out on twitter & in DMs. 🙂



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10 Responses

  1. Bez says:

    Googled Volant Services (VSL) Ltd Looks like you’ve exposed yet another Charlatan, Dan. How many other company’s have paid this rat cash to ramp?

    Surely it’s all not come from Chesterfield? £94,000 Fucking hell! It’s another financial scandal, the FCA should immediately investigate.

  2. Chris says:

    One hell of an article Dan and one, from personal experience, I can support. A sewage worker still dealing with shit. Just how much money has this piece of piss made from his pump and dump career? A damn site more than the £94k you have discovered I bet!

    • Lseposter says:

      Just so you knows guys. Shitlow is telling people he started this fraud company with his dad. No mention of ‘Dad’ in any of the companies documents. Another lie to conceal the lies.

  3. Smudger says:

    #Busted. Well and truly. Shitlow what a low life. Sad thing is people must have known but kept quiet. David Burton is such a scammer. I lost £4 grand in Jangada Mines. Told a pack of lies. Never again Dannyboy will I ever fall for their dirty, filthy lies.

    • Paulyp says:

      Mate, I got pulled into Nostra Terra Oil & Gas at 4p. Was part of Shitlows private DM group. The whoppers on ntog. Feel a right Charlie now. Traded out with a £1740 loss.

  4. JambamLSE says:

    This needs to go to the FCA. It’s a swindle of decent, hard working investors.

    Great read Mr Levi. I now know why you were a dangerous geezer

  5. Red Queen says:

    Great read Dan. Problem is: you ask the questions and the rats can only hide.

  6. StevieT says:

    Wow, I suppose we already knew. Shitlow has had another swearing fit Dan. He’s denying it. The “BMD Bank Robber” shield trotted out once again. Old tricks trying to deflect. Always an indication of guilt. He’s refusing to release his accounts though. You got them again. Enjoyed the read, had me laughing loudly. 🙂

    Keep it coming. I love to see him squirm. Fecking rat!

    • Tomt says:

      Simply put. The abuse is a shield to side-track people away from asking how he’s racked up close to £100,000 in payments.

  7. Retired Director. says:

    What a shit. Burton was fired from Redmayne for insider trading. He’s known in London circles as a ‘crim’