Range Resources RNS Alert!

There’s an RNS Alert on this stock with most Brokerages in the City of London. Can’t tell you exactly when it’s going to come. Most think that it’s Wednesday, however it could come at any time! Certainly news will begin to leak this week. The share-price could double. Puntland in its self warrants at least 25p. Only my opinion of course. “*Expect to see the sp continue to rise on speculation before Puntland announcement*” So thinks one of our chaps at SVS securities.

By the way if Range hit oil here you can expect to wave good bye to these kinds of bottom book prices. It will go mental.

Eyes On.

Viva!     Okap – Range Resources Brochure – SF1877 PROOF


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  1. KEV says:

    dan good broker svs and very cheap to use £5.75 per deal and no probs hope they are rite with range

    • Brokerman says:

      Yes they’re not bad. I’ve got a couple of good contacts there. They tipped me Lansdowne last year before and after the offering.


  2. Joseph says:

    Good work dan , lots of news to come here both expected and unexpected . Most rekon min 44p by march . Rumour of triple listing ,with the us market .

  3. Pete says:

    Yes Dan

    I think the RNS is due shortly and this can get to 30P plus in the coming 2 weeks. I think anyway.

  4. jcjrcottrell says:

    Nice one Dan.
    I have 3.5k of these with a 9.6 average, small fry really, but looking to leave these for a while and see a half decent return.

  5. b0gie says:

    Range are wtill way undervalued imo. They should be sitting around 20p even without all the news that is due. Has been manipulated over the last 3 months but volume is picking up now and the brakes are off!
    My avg is 18p and my target is 50p.

  6. MegaOil says:

    Your timing is quite good, not too late at all to experience the long awaited ride

    Many said Puntland would never be drilled by Range, well well well guess what?

    It will be starting this week

  7. Jon Grant says:

    Range have got a long ride upwards in share price to go this year!…far far far too undervalued indeed, especially with Trinidad too!

    Also remember that RMP (Red Emperor Resources) have an equal 20% of the Puntland drilling campaign in Dharoor starting this week!

    Do a little write up on them as well!…they have less than 200M shares in issue so a discovery will send them through the roof as well!!!

  8. dan says:

    Dan!, update us on aminex please

  9. Biggz says:

    This is the share of 2012 I have no doubt.
    Range will most certainly hit 50p within the next few months and a strike will see it well over a pound.
    This is still a great time to buy in as it’s been to 25p recently and getting there again on build up should not be any problem

    I have high hopes and fir me this is the rockhopper that I missed out on after holding for some time and patience getting the better of me.

    Guys RANGE will set a new trading range very soon !

  10. DAN says:

    45m volume and huge interest in RRL because they have spudded a 300m well. Mxp found oil several times last year and spudded a well bigger than this in Emba at nearly 500m with a 1 in 3 chance of success – and we duely dropped from 20p to 10p We never get pre drill hype, like many of these non producers with zero revenue or production can.
    Max has 100% interest in Emba B and is fully funded for Emba A another 500m if the first one is a strike.
    increased production from 2100bopd to 5600 bopd
    increase P2 70%
    sorted debt and funding

    All being well, Max could be the success story of 2012, i just wonder if the share price will “go mental” like you predict it will in RRL if they strike nearly HALF what max is drilling, news due in 8 weeks, yet there is zero interest, no pre drill spike, hype or speculation. last week we recorded our 52 week low.

    Any ideas Dan from your guys in the city?

  11. johnjohnson says:

    First post hello dan, I’d like to thank you for recommending Matra pet. I am well pleased.
    Is there any recent news on Matra?
    Cheers JJ.

  12. johnjohnson says:

    Thank you dan jj