Russia get 2018 world cup.

David Beckham, England, own work (by ger1axg).

They should never of let this dummy near the bid!

Well here we go again Russia get the world cup for 2018. The media have been touting our bid team Messrs  Cameron, Prince William and God awful Beckham as the three Lions! Bloody typical jingoistic clap trap.

So here we go yet again the recriminations and the knives are being drawn. They’ll all be blaming the BBC Panorama documentary when in fact it’s FIFA’S remit to bring football to countries that have never hosted the world cup! Hence Russia!

The three lions? Three monkies!!!! Beckham one of the most over-rated players there has ever been his England captaincy was an abject failure we won NOTHING!

Up the Revolution!


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No Responses

  1. Danny says:

    Ditto !

  2. TJ says:

    fifa are the most corrupt bunch going! make the desire board of directors look like saints!!

  3. Warton2009 says:

    We were doomed as soon as Becks got involved plus Russia will be good for the game but 40 degrees in the summer should be fun…….lol

    • k mk says:

      Three cheers to have the courage to speak it out : the ‘national /international icon’ ?? becks is a totally overblown media/marketing creation.

  4. Matt says:


    Keep your posts to shares – you seem to naff all about football 🙂

    It was always Russia. Even if they had dropped Mr Beckam and but you in his place to support our bid we would still have lost.

    I feel partly to blame as I wrote to that @rse Blatter complaining about the lack of goal line technology. I certainly didn’t mince my words and called him a few things. He may have remembered that when they came to choose 🙂 !!!

  5. Biggleswick says:

    Ridiculous blaming Becks for the bid. Whatever he is he is passionate about football.

    • Brokerman says:

      I’m not blaming Beckham. I’m saying that he should never of been involved he’s not passionate about football he’s passionate about being the centre of attention. The man’s a dummy though he was a good footballer who has been over hyped by his mentors and agents! Never won a light for England his captaincy was an abject failure.


  6. miopus says:


    Beckham does at least have some charm. If you listened to Radio 5 Live Sat morning when they tried to question the FIFA chap who told Cameron he would cast his vote for England and then changed hs mind, you would appreciate the dificulties the Englis bid team struggled with.

    Russia had it in the bag from the off – for the reason you give.

    We should never have spent millions on the bid in the first place. The promotional video was an unpatriotic disgrace, showing nothing to fire anyone’s imagination – it was not even filmed in UK.

    The F.A. have a lot to learn.