Xcite Update. Confucius?

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Confucius speaks to Daniel

Goodness me there’s an awful lot of emails in the in-tray some are asking for flow rates and such forth it is practically impossible to give them out other than to say that news is expected to be positive.

As for those who continually post abuse via the comments section your IP’s have been noted and action may be taken. Some of the lesser human beings that inhabit the shadowy world of the internet and post quite literally disgusting abuse think that they are immune from detection, abuse has  ranged from threats to kill to quite disturbing homophobia,racism,foul language and down right despicable references wishing for my children to die of cancer(By the way I don’t have any children but that’s not the point!)this is coming from 5/6 different IP’s. So be warned in light of the recent court action taken by several oil companies this Blog will if it persists take action on these few individuals. Because we here are not short of a few bob!

Back to Xcite well it’s been a terrific ride here over the last few months especially the last two big spikes (foretold here).  Yes I sold my holding at a handsome profit although I do still have a small free carry. There’s a plethora of doubt still out there re’ flow test results but ask yourself this question just what are the riggers and crews doing right now at this minute? They are certainly not having a cup of tea!

The company informed the market that flow-testing would begin in early December we are in early December. The company contracted Knutsen tankers for the off-load Knutsen tankers are in the area the company told us they would be fast tracking production  they have  increased capital via drawdowns etc for the financing of the fast tracking. It does not take a Confucian genius to put the news together and come up with an answer. The share price is trending up because the Xcite planets are coming into alignment not because of a blog post! News is being sought from every corner of the market the watchers are on this one. It is up to each individual investor to research their investment we here do not give out buy or sell advice what we say is that Xcite are a very good company, well-managed, well-financed and partnered up with some of the worlds leading oil/technologically advanced company’s.

A 400/500p price is probably on the low side over the short-term (that’s 12 months in market speak not 2 days!) but nothing is ever what it seems. Take Arbuthnot’s  broker target that has been smashed (as foretold) it really is up in the air they could just as easily double in a day depending on sentiment and good news.

So it’s eyes down here for Monday! News will break it’s already leaking!

Good Luck


PS Can one or two of you high rollers click on an ad now and then! Cheque for Help4heroes goes out next week!

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No Responses

  1. derek says:

    Dan I appreciate your feedback to us punters. You have been right on this big time; thank you for that. I recognise you cannot always get it right but that is life. You will heear no abuse from me. People just have to make their own decisions in light of all the info they glean from you and others and then accept responsibility for their own actions. I am now into Encore and Matra as well -my choice/my responsibility/ my decison and I have to accept the consequences. Keep up the good work.

    • Andy says:

      Dab the abuse is absolutely disgusting. I hope you do take action against these low lives. I agree with you all the logic points to xcite benefitting from positive news. I am nervous as hell about it though and would prefer not to have a whole weekend to think about an rns or for bad news to leak over the weekend.

  2. john says:

    Dan, I read your posts regularly and don’t always agree with them but theres never an excuse for the kind of conduct your talking about. I hope you do pursue those people whom you are able to track down, the internet is too often used as a shield by those who would never dare act in such a way in ‘real life’ and it has to stop. Thanks for this latest update, info always appreciated.

    • Brokerman says:

      Thanks very much John but really it’s water off a duck’s back to me. However i’ve had to enlist a young friend (girl) to help me moderate on occassions due to the volume of traffic increase and she really should not be subjected to reading such depravity. The spam filter usually gets them but it also blocks the genuine poster on occassion and periodically we have to quickly run through them so as not to lose our posters comments all spam gets automatically deleted after 48 hours.

      Thanks John


  3. Asif says:

    Well said Dan.Bloody disgusting the abuse some people can give when hiding behind a computer screen!!!

    Anybody, that does not like what you say, DON’T BLOODY READ IT. He has not got a gun to anybodys head…Every investor to their own. GLA

  4. MikeST says:

    I agree with you Derek, anyone rushing into a stock without researching it – and being ultimately satisfied in their decision before buying in – only has themselves to blame.

    To post the type of abuse Dan has intimated briefly at above indicates that clearly the ‘aggrieved’ poster did rush in, with the wrong expectation, are now sitting on a loss with only themselves to blame. Each of you are wimps and cowards to post abuse directed at anyone other then yourselves.

    (People are solely the ones accountable for their own actions, no one else, if you believe otherwise you’re nothing more then a twat)

    Long may the Blog continue!

  5. Glen says:

    I hear there will be an announcement today at 14:30. New source so can’t completely verify it but heard a few others mention it.

  6. Davie says:

    Thanks Dan, cant seem to find an email address for you mate, can you send it to me via my email. And dont worry about the threats just idiots who are tough behind a keyboard, ***holes.

    cheers and keep up the good work

  7. share nutter says:

    Yes lets lock Dan up cuff him up we can also beat him with our billy sticks and feed him bread and water all because we don’t like others making money!
    Give your head a shake dj you are racked with jealousy.

    I second this motion spam this idiot!

  8. barnstonpickle says:

    Here !here! Well said Micky 2 trees.
    It’s amazing that how thick skinned dan is. I’d like to hunt this chap down and punch him on his snotty nose.
    This is the kind of comment those brave souls hiding behind the internet post.
    FSA my back side!
    Grow som DJ .
    yeahclean this filth off the blog please danny

  9. LT says:

    Dan, are you planning to update a response with regard your 26th Nov blog on Matra?? It appears they are plagued with yet more problems.

  10. Dom says:

    Hi Dan, been following this one for a while but missed the chance to get in really early. Still, sitting on a tidy profit since about 220p, wanted to say thanks for the info.
    My question is, there is some chatter about takeover on some other bulletin boards, probably stoked by the recent rns. Do you think this is likely any time soon and what would be the likely effect on sp?
    Keep up the good work!

  11. N says:

    Semantics? You’re kidding surely? When flow test starts is absolutely key. In the absence of an RNS it is a matter of identifying truth amongst all the noise from BBs and blogs (including this one). It’s not de-ramping. If you want to make money, and continue to make money, then you really need to be able to identify what’s the likely truth and not just accept what a BB or a blog tells you. Dan would, I believe, be the first to agree…


  12. itsalaughaminute says:

    What are you talking about truth? This poster DJ kid has stated bare faced lies Dan NEVER said that flow testing had been going on for over a week his sources indicated that testing had begun at what stage of the operation we just DO NOT know. It’s as simple as that. And as for your comment that it’s not deramping what planet are you on ? DJ clearly called Dan a LIAR at least 5 times and threatened him with JAIL if that isn’t a deramp then I for the life of me do not know one!
    Listen a wee bit of advice you are batting on a sticky wicket and your opinion is fundamentally flawed each time you fail to address the above points Are you really suggesting that calling people liars and threatening them with jail and the fsa is a ramp? Please don’t bother responding it’s clear to all reading this thread, other than you, that you are totally wrong.

    • N says:

      Yes clearly – I expect it’s your well reasoned and polite response that has convinced them.

  13. Davie says:

    Thanks for the research info about PCI a while back, I have done some research myself my friend and I really like what I see. Bought 50000 and will go back in and buy the same amount in the next month. I think they could be huge over the next 6 – 12 months. Tom Hickey is the key.

    Have you got any more data on them Dan.

    Keep up the good work and power to the man on the street.

  14. Charles the Red says:

    Hi Dan,

    Thank you for your tips re: XEL and Encore.

    Do you know anything about Ortac Resources (OTC)? Any information you may have would be appreciated.

  15. Asif says:

    Hi Dan. Any updates on GKP? All gone quiet. Also any thoughts on Bowleven? Anybody here invested in there? Keep up the good work.

  16. Nifty says:

    Hi Dan
    Fantastic blog, great advice and pointers as to where to look. What are your current thoughts on Max Petroleum? I am in here after my own research but it all seems a bit quiet now. Your opinion would be welcomed.
    many thanks

  17. romski999 says:

    Even if Dan does post an opinion on a share you shouldn’t use this is an excuse to skip research !

    nobody likes to research it takes ages and is boring but with blogs like dan it does help to cut out some of the crap XEL bb and BMR bb are awash with “xyz train is leaving” bla bla bla when really we need to exchange knowledge

    its Private investors vs the city, we are bottom of the food chain its hard enough as it is, but if we have people witha few contacts who can share price sensitive knowledge its always welcome

    at the moment I am in

    and all are being good to me, thanks dan much respect


  18. JRL says:

    To bad your sources were wrong once again, no testing yet due to bad weather.
    First DES and now XEL, think its time for you to start looking elsewhere for trustworthy information.
    Thanks still for some other really informative posts, appreciate it and one as to remember to always dyodd.